Heba Salama, Biggest Loser 6 At-Home Winner

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Heba Salama at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Biggest Loser: Families went to the girls. Heba Salama walked away as Biggest Loser’s first female at-home prize winner, and $100,000 richer! Heba lost an astonishing 138 pounds. Had America voted for her to move on to the final three, rather than husband Ed, she would have been the Biggest Loser winner. But Heba’s quite gracious about her win either way, saying it was never about the money.

We congratulate Heba on completing such an amazing journey, and for such a tremendous transformation!

14 Responses to Heba Salama, Biggest Loser 6 At-Home Winner

The AntiVicky says:

Heba wins $100,000… I am livid. I don’t care how much weight she lost, she is ugly on the inside. She doesn’t deserve ANYTHING except a bath. Millions of viewers voted for the third finalist and she only got 16% of the votes in a two-person poll, that should tell her geocentric @$$ a thing or two regarding what the common TBL viewer thinks of her! Thank goodness 84% of the viewers voted for Ed because Heba would have won outright had she gotten the vote. I am so happy that Michelle won because she really deserved it! Beating out both Vicky and Ed was a moral triumph, as they too are card-carrying members of the same “Ugly Heart Club”!

As for Heba’s statement of, “it was never about the money”, that’s pure BS! For her, Ed, Vicky and Brady, that’s all it was ever about. If Heba or Vicky had won, I most likely would never have watched this show again. Note to the show’s Producers: when I want to watch people be nasty, money-hungry, deceitful fools, I watch Survivor, that’s the reason I watch Survivor in the first place. There is no room for that behavior in TBL, so in the future stop the segment producers on your staff from encouraging that type of behavior in the contestants. ROCK ON MICHELLE!

weeee says:

hey Anti-Viki you are a ** **!

Rosie says:

All I have to say is… with your $100K , Heba Pleeeeeaaasssseee go out and get yourself a GOOD BRA!!

Allison says:

Congratulations Heba! Ignore the haters. At the end of the day, you lost 138 POUNDS!!! That’s an incredible feat and one you should be insanely proud of. You played the game well, won a generous prize, and best of all regained your health. Best wishes to you and Ed.

The AntiVicky says:

Hey “weeee”, this will most likely upset you even more, but I’m am not a , I am a bastard! And from a man’s perspective (and my wife agrees) Heba was a nasty little drama queen. I will assume from your comment that you must disagree with me and that you think that Heba and her friends on the show are “really nice people”. I don’t know what show you have been watching for the last few months, but it sure wasn’t the one I was watching. Heba got much more than she deserved out of the show, nonetheless I am happy for her weight loss. In her defense, I still think Vicky was the bigger . As for you, I can tell you are quite the charmer 😉

the anti b**** says:

I agree with antivicky they were all a bunch of sceeming little who should have been booted off long ago

webgoddess says:

I didn’t really like Heba a whole lot…I wish that Phil or Amy P had won the at-home contest. I don’t like how mean she was to Phil, but she hugged him at the finale so maybe the hatchet is buried and it was over-dramatized for TV. I hope so; I don’t see how anyone could really hold a grudge against Phil or Amy P.

Still, I’m much happier that Heba won the $100k than the $250k, and that she won a prize instead of Vicky. I’m so glad Vicky’s plan to win everything backfired. I still wish Amy C. had voted Vicky off, and that the final three were Amy C., Colleen, and Michelle.

However, Heba and Ed already won an $80k RV in the grand canyon challenge, and I think they also won another $10k in one of the other challenges too. So if Heba hadn’t won the $100k it’s not like she was going home empty-handed.

Jill Knapp says:

I was so excited for you!! Good work!
I have been on the weight loss ship and lost 80 pounds! 130 is a great loss and you did it!! Way to go!!

Dave says:

Heba and Vicki should get a reality check on what’s important. 84% of America sent a big message. I’m dissappointed that Heba received any monetary compensation for her behavior and attitude. Pleased that Vicki received her just monetary reward – $0

Ray says:

I don’t understand…is “Heba” a first name? Is is some type of hypoallergenic filter for people with bad allergies? Is a “Heba” a woman’s name in America?

If somebody could help me understand I’d really appreciate it.

Sandra D says:

Ray is your comment supposed to be some sort of bad humor? I could have sworn this was America and it was full of immigrants so obviously everyone is gonna have an “American name” (whatever that is!) moving on I don’t know why everyone else thinks the show is called The biggest Attitude Change… She got the money ’cause she lost the most weight!!

kennedy says:

Congratulations Heba! You looked fantastic!

AliciaD says:

Heba you did a awesome job losing the weight and look great.
I wish I could lose just half what you did .
Much luck to you and Ed

Carolyn says:

I know Heba. I don’t think she was all about the money. I truly believe she was in it for a better life style. I congratulate her on her weight loss and she looks wonderful!! Ed looks great as well. Keep up the good work.

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