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Heba Salama’s Biggest Loser Resort Experience

Everyone thinks that those who are fortunate enough to be cast on NBC’s Biggest Loser have all the luck in the world and that weight loss comes easier for them than the rest of us. Not entirely true. They might lose the weight quickly in a fairy tale-like setting, but at some point, they each return home to reality. The majority of these TV weight loss stars keep the weight off, but it’s not without a lot of effort. Heba Salama is one such star.

Heba was the at-home winner of Biggest Loser’s season six, becoming the first woman to hold the title. She lost 138 pounds that season, and has worked every day since to maintain her healthy new lifestyle. These days Heba says she “focuses more on the size of my clothes now,” an ideal indicator that can sometimes be more telling than scale weight.

Heba spent the past two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort, in Ivins, Utah and talked to us about her journey post-Loser. She also told us about her time at the Resort, how she loves the hiking and see the fellow guests’ success. Watch the video below to hear Heba catch us up on her experience at the Resort and what life is like at home with Ed Brantley, her husband and Biggest Loser teammate. (more…)

Not-So-Fat-Tuesday: Healthy Mardi Gras Tips from Biggest Loser’s Heba

heba and edToday’s guest author is Heba Salama. You’ll remember Heba, and her husband Ed Brantley, from Biggest Loser season six, during which they lost a combined total of 277 pounds. Heba became the first woman to win the at-home prize for the highest percentage of weight lost amongst all contestants eliminated during the game; Ed finished in second place. In addition to continuing to lead as examples in the fitness realm, the couple has been busily working on a new healthy cookbook due to release spring 2022 and has embarked on a fitness campaign for 2022. Learn more at EdAndHeba.com.

Let’s face it: any celebration is cause to hit the “diet pause button.” The simple word “celebration” usually denotes lots of calories just by reading it. But a celebration with the actual title “Fat Tuesday” must mean double trouble, or double chin. If I have learned one thing since being in the real world after The Biggest Loser, it’s definitely that none of these things have to be the case. I started to think about healthier ways to eat a King Cake. I turned to my husband, the chef, and his suggestion: make sure you run for 18 hours, and then you have earned yourself a piece. Thanks, honey. But for those of us looking for more realistic options, here are my top five tips for turning this into a great holiday you won’t feel guilty about! (more…)

Biggest Losers Heba and Ed Launch 10 in 2022 Campaign for Fitness

heba and edEveryone is looking for a little motivation in the new year to get fit, stay fit or even push their fitness to a new level. That’s exactly what former Biggest Loser couple Heba Salama and Ed Brantley are doing, pushing themselves to that next level. They’re not only do it for themselves, they’re doing it for each of you. Just this week they announced their 10 in 2022 Fitness Campaign, with hopes of not only challenging themselves but motivating others to get in shape, too.

That’s why this year you’ll find Heba and Ed participating in half-marathons, triathlons, and other various foot races throughout the country. They’re committed to doing 10 of these races in 2022 – and they want to see you there, too!

“Racing gives us the opportunity to stay fit and healthy, as well as meet and inspire people on their own weight loss journeys. We prove that if we can do it, anyone can,” said Heba. (more…)

Heba Salama, Biggest Loser 6 At-Home Winner

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Heba Salama at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Biggest Loser: Families went to the girls. Heba Salama walked away as Biggest Loser’s first female at-home prize winner, and $100,000 richer! Heba lost an astonishing 138 pounds. Had America voted for her to move on to the final three, rather than husband Ed, she would have been the Biggest Loser winner. But Heba’s quite gracious about her win either way, saying it was never about the money.

We congratulate Heba on completing such an amazing journey, and for such a tremendous transformation!

America Votes for the Biggest Loser Finalists

UPDATE: Vote for Biggest Loser 7 Finalists Ron or Mike.

Who would have thought Heba and Ed would have to go head-to-head to gain a position in the finale? It’s also not much of a surprise that Ed campaigned for his wife. Will it work?

We’re curious, who will you vote for? Make sure to cast your vote at NBC.

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Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Recap Episode 6

Biggest Loser Week 6 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

If it wasn’t evident before it most certainly is now, the game play is officially here! Episode 6 started off pretty normal, each team took a field trip. Bob’s team went to an ab strengthening acrobatics class, while Jillian’s team went to a ropes course. Coleen confronted her fear of heights, while back on the Blue Team Heba realized just how hard aerial acrobatics can be.

This week’s challenge tested contestant’s balance by having them race around a circular balance beam. For every completed lap by a team member a point was given, first team to 25 won. This challenge was a complete blow out! (more…)

Interview with Amy Parham, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 6

Last night, Biggest Loser said goodbye to its little Southern belle. Husband Phil is likely to miss that sweet drawl more than any other player, and as such, they’re going to have to deal with him now. Amy Parham‘s parting words were that her teammates made a mistake by assuming her husband would be weaker with her out of the house, it would only make him stronger.

Phil and Amy are college sweethearts, they met at their freshman orientation and she says after the second date she was in love. Their devotion for one another was quite clear on the show, and the love pours over into their three boys. Upon arriving home, Amy says her kids have embraced the new lifestyle. Her middle son is 11 years old, and the only one she says has had trouble with his weight, even saying kids at school have made fun of him. Since she has returned home he’s lost 10 pounds, two pant sizes and even goes to the gym with Amy and Phil.


Interview with Ed Brantley, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 4

If there were ever a love story viewers would want to follow on Biggest Loser, this was it. The great love of Heba and Ed, season 6’s orange team! Ed Brantley’s elimination during Week 4 was hard to watch for the viewers and not an “easy thing to do” according to Ed. He says he didn’t get any updates on Heba’s progress after he left, and hoped he wouldn’t see her for at least two months, meaning that she just kept pushing through. When he and Heba did finally reunite (since all the current contestants have all gone home), he says “you would not even believe it!” When all of us finally get the chance to watch, Ed said “you’ll be up in a chair screaming, doing back flips!”

Since leaving the ranch in mid-May, Ed has lost 90 pounds, and currently weighs 245 pounds (down from his starting weight of 335). He had set a goal for a 32″ pant size, and he is currently wearing a 34″ in shorts. Speaking with Ed, there is no doubt that he’s as dedicated to his weight loss as much as he was during his time on Biggest Loser, if not more so. “I had to bring the ranch home,” Ed explained about instilling the mindsite of complete discipline at home that he had at the ranch. He often remembers “what would Bob think,” or that Heba would remind him not to stop.


Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 4 Recap Part II

Get up-to-speed with Bernie’s recap of Part I.

Due to the presidential debate last night, episode 4 of the Biggest Loser was cut short, however tonight the wonderful folks over at NBC aired the second hour of the show. The second half of the show proved to be worth the wait! In the second part of episode 4, we saw Jillian really get tough and rightfully so, her teams weren’t doing the homework that she was assigning, which on the Biggest Loser is just as bad as sneaking snack cakes in the middle of the night!

We also saw Bob take his team to SUBWAY for a quick bite to eat, which is good because trying to find a place to eat on the go in the “real world” isn’t easy. I love the fact that the show is sharing information with viewers about how to make smart choices when eating out.

At the weigh-in, we saw the orange team Ed and Heba fall below the dreaded yellow line. The orange team was then forced to decide who was going home amongst themselves. In the end, Ed wound up going home leaving Heba to continue on her own.

During his at home follow-up, Ed looked Great! I wish him continued success at home and consider him a real contender for this year’s At-Home prize.

Biggest Loser: Families Orange Team Audition

Apparently, Heba Salama and Ed Brantley, Biggest Loser: Families orange team, are some pretty fun cats… and already have their Halloween costumes (that they likely won’t fit into come Halloween!).

Here is the audition tape they sent to NBC. No wonder they were picked!

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Biggest Loser 6: Heba Salama

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Heba Salama at the Biggest Loser Season 6 Finale.

Heba Salama represents the orange team on Biggest Loser: Families, with her husband Ed Brantley.


Hear Heba’s and Ed’s very first interview.

heba salama

Age 30

Hometown Raleigh, NC

Occupation Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Ed Brantley, Husband

Team Color Orange

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 294

Final Weight 156

Total Loss -138

Percent Lost 46.94


  • “There’s no epidural for exercise… that’s really unfortunate.” – Episode 1
  • “It’s hotter than 50 hells outside.” – Episode 5
  • “This is one temptation I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid.” – Episode 10


  • Starts out as heaviest woman in the house
  • Won Week 2 Competition, shared phone call home prize with Red Team
  • Won Week 3 Competition; Won Week 3 Temptation for a Jayco RV
  • Competing alone after husband Ed eliminated Week 4
  • During Week 5 temptation she won control of game and split the teams – black for Jillian and blue for Bob
  • Will Heba get your vote to be a finalist? (Husband Ed was chosen)


Other spellings: Heeba, Hebaa, Hebba, Heva, Sallama, Salamaa, Salamma, Slama, Saloma

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