Interview with Amy Parham, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 6

Last night, Biggest Loser said goodbye to its little Southern belle. Husband Phil is likely to miss that sweet drawl more than any other player, and as such, they’re going to have to deal with him now. Amy Parham‘s parting words were that her teammates made a mistake by assuming her husband would be weaker with her out of the house, it would only make him stronger.

Phil and Amy are college sweethearts, they met at their freshman orientation and she says after the second date she was in love. Their devotion for one another was quite clear on the show, and the love pours over into their three boys. Upon arriving home, Amy says her kids have embraced the new lifestyle. Her middle son is 11 years old, and the only one she says has had trouble with his weight, even saying kids at school have made fun of him. Since she has returned home he’s lost 10 pounds, two pant sizes and even goes to the gym with Amy and Phil.

One of Amy’s favorite activities at the ranch was getting to hang like “Cirque du Soleil people” in the fabric, a field trip arranged by trainer Bob, who she says is the “greatest thing that ever happened.” Her only regret is not having filled Phil’s mouth with peanut butter cups, or even her own. Amy regrets not hitting the higher calorie bagel table to beat Heba‘s calorie count, and gain control of the game in week 5.

Heba’s control of the game separated Amy and Phil on to opposing teams. “I’m a half-full person stuck on a half-empty team,” were Amy’s sentiments last night in response to all the negative attitudes being exuded by her teammates. Amy says she was thankful to have been chosen to be at the ranch and have her life changed for the better. She credits the other 300,000 Biggest Loser entrants with reminding her how important her opportunity to be on the show was.

A lot of discussion was had about the dramatic triangle between herself and Phil, Heba and Vicky and Brady. She says the comments by Phil to Brady, asking them to save Amy and eliminate Heba, were not true. Going into the elimination, she knew her time had to come. She thinks Heba is fun and under different circumstances they could have really liked one another.

Amy was able to lose 38 pounds during her six weeks at the ranch. Since going home, and even since her reveal last night, she’s down to 145 pounds and wears a size six in everything “except tight jeans.” Her goal is to reach 120 pounds by finale, making her 5’4″ frame teeny tiny. She learned that she wasn’t eating enough, by skipping food throughout the day and filling up at night. Amy now eats every four hours and works with a trainer. She stocks up on bulk food at the beginning of each week, things like chicken and broccoli, prepares “a whole pile of meals,” and then they store individual servings to grab-and-go for work.

Watch Amy’s Reveal video.

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Smcguire says:

Amy, is awesome I hope she wins the biggest at home loser! I keep looking for them to bring back contestants like they did last time, but I am not sure if there is time for that with what is left of the remaining episodes… I anxiously await the finale!

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