Biggest Loser 6: Heba Salama

UPDATED: Watch now – interview with Heba Salama at the Biggest Loser Season 6 Finale.

Heba Salama represents the orange team on Biggest Loser: Families, with her husband Ed Brantley.


Hear Heba’s and Ed’s very first interview.

heba salama

Age 30

Hometown Raleigh, NC

Occupation Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Ed Brantley, Husband

Team Color Orange

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 294

Final Weight 156

Total Loss -138

Percent Lost 46.94


  • “There’s no epidural for exercise… that’s really unfortunate.” – Episode 1
  • “It’s hotter than 50 hells outside.” – Episode 5
  • “This is one temptation I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid.” – Episode 10


  • Starts out as heaviest woman in the house
  • Won Week 2 Competition, shared phone call home prize with Red Team
  • Won Week 3 Competition; Won Week 3 Temptation for a Jayco RV
  • Competing alone after husband Ed eliminated Week 4
  • During Week 5 temptation she won control of game and split the teams – black for Jillian and blue for Bob
  • Will Heba get your vote to be a finalist? (Husband Ed was chosen)


Other spellings: Heeba, Hebaa, Hebba, Heva, Sallama, Salamaa, Salamma, Slama, Saloma

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57 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Heba Salama

"miss celie" says:

I miss u girl!!!!

Leah says:

Heba, Amy and Brady need to do. I hope that they all feel like fools after they seem themselves look so childish on TV.

Max says:

The 3 headed monster on the blue team need to be destroyed!!! Heba is the worst person to have ever played this game. I know this show is all about being happy and doing the right thing to help yourself, but I hope she gets a good old fashion booing at the live finale! That would be great!

Brian says:

I think Heba is a fool and a jerk. I hope her Amy and Brady all leave the show in that order. she started ALL of the problems. Also Brady and Amy are two snakes and cheaters!!

JR says:

Heba, Brady, and Vicky are slimeballs. Vicky is the ugliest woman alive. I hope they all get voted off.

Anonymous says:

Heba and Brady’s wife are terrible. I hope they have to leave the show soon. They are so annoying to watch – they ruin the entire show! Get some contestants that have integrity and character – these two are worthless.

Dani says:

Heba and Vicki you should be ashamed of yourselves. You two are sad and pathetic. I got to tell you i feel really bad for your husbands. You are very vicious and horrible people. How dare you treat others like that. I’m pretty sure you know what its like to be an outcast. So grow the hell up. I hope you don’t win and it teaches you that being hurtful and rude gets you nowhere. Hopefully you can’t make it to the finale. Please don’t come cause Phil is gonna win.

Tobi says:

and Brain, its Vicky, not Amy…if you mean Brady’s wife

Ladij says:

I almost feel sorry for Heba – anyone that is that nasty obviously does not like themself. Though I can’t say that I would like myself either if I were her. I hope neither she nor her “buddies” make it to the finale. None of them deserve anything.

Stephy says:

Heba, you have the ability to win, sadly win or loose, you are going to be one of the 2 most disliked contestants ever. You are better then Vickie and would do well to distance yourself from her when this is all over. She is like an evil little child and you are acting more and more like her as the show goes on. I think your lack of control in the real world has lead you to be such a bully on the ranch. Phil is a sweet, caring Man, he showed that every week.Your actions are ruining a good family show, I will no longer let my son watch for fear he will think its ok to treat people the way you and Vickie do.

Anonymous says:

In tonights show I couldn’t believe the way Vicki reacted when Phil was voted off. I felt so bad for her family and for her kids to see how she acted. How dare Vicki act like she has this contest in the bag! I think the others need to watch their back. Watch out for Vicki because her head is going to start to spinning all the way around. She is acting so evil. This is not how you play this game and Bob her trainer, which I love, needs to put a stop the way Vicki is acting. Heba needs to look out for herself becasue the KARMA train is coming for Vicki and if Heba doesn’t start doing this for herself, that train will be there for her shortly. Good luck to the rest of the group. In regards to Brady leaving, he needed to go because he was the last one under the yellow line and this is how they should send them home with out voting. Brady I know you love your wife, but man get control of her! Amy, that was the way to vote.




Lori says:

Just watched 11/11/08 episode of Biggest Loser. I am so happy Brady is off, next Vicky needs to go, then Heba. They are all pitiful people…..snakes!!!!! Now all the US knows how they really are, think of all the friends that will not like them or trust them after seeing this. If one of them was not voted of tonight, I was going to have a hard time ever watching again. I wish one of the Biggest Loser trainers or directors would tell them off! Closest we got to that was when Bob said something about Vicky (like not being trustworthy). I am so mad, I hope they come back for a show 3 yrs from now and gained all their weight back!!!!!!!!!

chris r. says:

Heba is a mean control-freak. But, Vicky is just a b. I feel sorry for Brady. He seems lost. I am happy Amy broke the chain and voted him out. Because, The Biggest Loser is NOT mainly a game…you are suppose to lose weight too…and Vicky does not even care about anyone regarding this. I hope Vicky is next. Then Heba!!

Kris says:

PLEASE READ This show is supposed to be a positive experience, not only for the contestants, but for the viewers as well. As most people know, “reality” TV is always scripted to a point. So, do Vicky and Heba act this way because they are prompted to do so by the producers or are they really as evil as they seem? Yes, this is a game and game play is often necessary, but they have gone over the top. To Vicky and Heba: If the behavior we saw from you was in fact real, then I feel very sorry for you. As you can tell by all of the other comments, other people feel sorry for you too and others just plain hate you. You can say all that you want about Phil, but you are the ones that exhibited very ugly and hateful behavior. To the producers of The Biggest Loser: If the behavior we saw from Vicky and Heba was in fact part of your “script”, then you have taken it too far. I know you want ratings, but you have given an otherwise positive show a VERY negative vibe.

Vanessa says:

To Heba: YOU RUIN THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jtizzle says:

Heba you need to go. You are a disgrace to the show and what it stands for. Vote yourself off and let the integrity of the show back in. You will put all that weight back on and will have no one to blame but your fat self

zara says:

heba makes me wanna barf. i can’t believe what a mean-spirited woman she is. it’s one thing to argue politely but it’s another thing to really go off the loop on phil…we all saw that it was totally uncalled for and it just showed her as a crazed maniacal woman that she really is.

jo says:

what a. Not jealous, but wow – crazy girl. She is almost into herself as much as Vickie. Good Luck Ed.

Anonymous says:

How does it feel to see how much America hates you? I hope that when you sit each Tuesday night and watch the show, you are ashamed of yourself. You should have never aligned yourself with that SNAKE Vicky!!! You should have aligned with Phil and Amy. Everyone loves them. They love them because they are sincere and it is very obvious. You chose poorly and are paying! America HATES you!!!!

Anonymous says:

I think Heba is a control freak (look at her embarassing princessey relationship with her father which became her princess relationship with poor Ed), and is not a very mature person in general. She likes to be on top and scary as it is, she probably admires Vicky for being the same way. I think that she operates purely by emotions and the need to control rather than using her brain or looking objectively at the situation. I have no doubt this is all going to blow up in her face, you can’t have two monstrous titans running the show

NoShow says:

I am pretty sure Heba blew it when she aligned with Vicky however she was doing a pretty good job on her own of trying to tear phillip apart. I mean grow up will you?? She was so concerned about phillip “disrespecting her” she forgot how stupid she was making herself look on national television. Phillip and Amy were real down to earth people who you can’t help but wanna hug…LOL Heba I have one thing to say and that is that You may lose the weight but your attitude will always be big, fat and ugly.

Bigstloserfan says:

Vicky is awful. Brady and Ed are both slave dogs to their wives. I just like sitting at home laughing my head off at how ridiculous they look for playing this game like true fat rednecks. Vicky says she does this for her daughter.

Great, now her own daughter will have to put up with hearing that her mom is a total monster until the millions of viewers move onto another reality show. Biggest loser is way popular so congratulations on making your mark in biggest loser history as the biggest on the show.

Vicky and Brady’s kids and Heba and Ed’s future kids will have a lot to be proud of.

Kj says:

I was watching the Football Game and after Heba, Ed & Vicky Ganged up on Michelle & Renee, I turned the TV OFF. Yeah I know it’s a game but the way these three play it reminds me of grade school. “I Know You Are But What Am I”. I cannot stand to see these three still in the game. What a disappointing season ending. I don’t think their pettiness will pay off. I hope their true reward will be in seeing themselves as All of America has and change within. Fat is one thing to see that you need to change about yourself but Ugly, that’s a bit harder to see. Heba, Ed & Vicky and Brady. I hope you are paying attention and receive your Wake Up Call.

Ed Parriccio says:

I really want Heba to leave. She is mean spirited and detracts from the show…She is cruel and ruthless and in her job as a pharmaseutical sales person (another annoying job) she should sell herself some diet pills and make room on a great show for someone who is not evil…I cannot wait until she and her LOSER (True Loser) husband both leave…The others left are good people and deserve to win, any of them other than these two hillbillies….

Joe Yourmom says:

Why is everyone so mean about her?? She’s got thee coolest name ever it sounds like heba’s a lama loll

PL says:

I think Vicky is the most evil person alive. She is insensitive, mean, nasty and A snake. Heba and Vicky should be best friends because they are both alike. I hate them so much. No matter how much weight they will lose they will both remain ugly. they dont realize at the end they are going to have to vote each other off.. I dont know why they are obsessed to get rid of all the black team first. Vicki and Heba are going to have to vote each other off unless they split the money. I hope they dont win.. but with my luck they probably will.

ed says:

Heba the cow needs to go…What a piece of work

charles henry says:

Heba is disgusting…What a pig, not because of her weight, but because of her evil ways. I hope she and her sissy husband do not reproduce as the world does not need this DNA continued. Both of them make me sick and I so hope neither one wins. What a sissy husband, gains two pounds so his cow wife can try to win…Grow a pair you loser…Heba, you are the worst player in biggest loser history and the most despised and hated. just because you were the fattest person on the show does not mean you worked harder than evertyone else like you said tonight…You were the fattest and most massive and you should have lost more weight than the others, but you did not. So go back to your trailer and eat some spam, ham, red meat, chips, ice cream, lard and anything else you can shove down your pie hole….You make me sick, you gross pig.

Nanci says:

Heba, stay positive sweetie. We’ve talked about the ignorant rantings of people who don’t know you from Adam, so just remember…they will never be a part of your life. It is a privilege to call you “friend”. Thank you.

Diana says:

Heba, all I have to say is…smart move. If Ed isn’t in the finale, that just means you have a chance for the $250,000 and Ed has a chance for the $100,000. I know it’s supposed to be about losing weight, but people…come on. They ARE losing weight and if that kind of money were thrown in your face…wouldn’t you do whatever you had to to get it? I know I would.

And as for Vicky…yes she is somewhat of a , but again…what would you do for money? Would you give a crap what America thought of you if you were getting $250,000? I know I wouldn’t. So even though everybody hates you ppl right now, I wish I were you! I want the money!! And you’re all doing a great job with the weight loss too. Can’t weight (yeah, corny…) for the finale tonight!

Heba Hater says:

Yeah.The ignorant ratings say it all!!!!84% of America voted against you!!!Why because we hated the way you and your pal Vicckie ruined the shjow with your ugly, evil personalities.You are still ugly even after the weight loss.Look at your ugly flabby arms.You are a pig!!!Inside and out.Hope you gain it all back.

Kendra Schwiesow says:

I don’t know if you remember me, but I trained you at ADP. I just wanted to tell you that you look amazing and I enjoyed watching the show!

Lily says:

Heba, enjoy your $100,000–$70,000 after taxes. It’s chump change, but it should be enough to buy you some serious counseling. You need it. You were a major actor in a toxic situation. You said and did bad things. Vast numbers of people you do not know hate you for it. This bad karma is something you need to expunge from your life, and the only way to do it is to look inside yourself and improve. Oh, and for god’s sake, buy a good bra. Ballet or yoga would also help with your posture. You’ve got the money now, so complete your transformation both inside and out.

webgoddess says:

I was pretty surprised that Heba actually hugged Phil at the finale. She sure was really mean and vindictive towards Phil throughout the whole season. I really wish that Amy P. had won the $100k instead of Heba.

Rosie says:

Heba PLEASE go out and Get yourself a GOOD Bra! You really needed one with that dress at the finale.

johnnycakes says:

I can’t believe Heba the Moo Cow won the 100K.

Theresa says:

It’s a shame when over 80% of America can see the true you. Those who say that people are ignorant and don’t know Heba, well I’m telling you from my own personal encounters with her that she is rude, self-absorbed, and thinks her crap doesn’t stink. She can’t see things from other’s point of view. That is why she was shocked when America overwhelmingly told her that they can’t stand her. The few and inbetween people that say is wonderful are the ignorant ones. They must be “followers” like Ed.

really? says:

you know it is pretty sad to read these postings. Here you all are judging one woman on how she was cruel on the show, and you are all doing the same thing by calling her fat, ugly, a b, and whatever other words you have come up with. Obviously it sucks that America had to see such horrible behavior, but why is anyone judging. If you were on a reality tv show your true colors would show as well. So lay off Heba. I am not proud of her actions, but you know what, people act like her and Vicky all of the time and you just got to get over it instead of writing hate mail.

webgoddess says:

Better for Heba to win the $100k than Vicky; although she and Ed weren’t exactly hurting given their win of a $10k prize and their win of a $80k RV. I LMAO when America overwhelmingly voted for Ed despite Heba and Ed’s nagging…Michelle is really so much more deserving of the win so there is at least some justice in the world.

norskie says:

Where Heba and Vicky really loose by leaving a sour taste in everybodys mouth is…….NO ENDORSEMENTS!!! That’s where the big money is.

Penny says:

Who were the 16 percent that voted for Heba?! Did they not see the show?

Anonymous says:

this woman is a fool and I hope she watches herself over and over. bull if she didnt do it for the money. use that money for therapy. you need it.
good job not winning the 250k. you’re not the biggest loser, but you are a loser for trashing a family with an autistic child.
shame on you and vicky.

HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

OMG! You ALL are sitting there, BEHIND A COMPUTER, hoping heba reads these comments, being rude and saying cruel things and.. really, what is the difference between ALL OF YOU, and her? Oh, thats right, she was SPEAKING HER MIND behind a CAMERA FOR ALL U PEOPLE TO HEAR/WATCH.. where as you are behind a computer! GET A LIFE! seriously, Heba did an AMAZING job, she looks GREAT! Most of you people are probably FAT and ANGRY because of the fact she got thin so fast, which getting thin fast, that ALWAYS happens on BL.. what show do you all usually watch?? :S Dont judge heba, vicky or anyone else by what you see on TV.. We met Heba after the finale, and let me tell you guys somethin.. SHE DESERVED EVERY PENNY SHE EARNED.. no matter what you say, or do, nothing can take that away from her!! Heba is amazing and a very sweet girl, and one of our rolemodles and she is a GOOD ONE!!!! I KNOW because – I MET HER – TALKED TO HER AND GOT TO KNOW THE REAL 100% HER… U GUYS just watch her ON TV!! You fans are the TRUE losers, , and fat cows, and everything else u just called Heba!!! “SHAME ON YOU?” – Shame on ‘YOU’ fans!

HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

I think before you judge Heba, Ed, or Vicky, You guys need to read Hebas interview.. if you dont read it, that just means you KNOW shes a good person and your afraid to admit it to yourself and STOP with the hurtful and hateful comments.. the TV IS TV.. Sure its ‘reality tv’ but its not ALL ‘reality’ .. Heba is AMAZING.. and u guys voting ED just to get her mad, really didnt make her mad, she STILL got what she came on the show for.. to lose the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF WEIGHT.. AND WAS THE FIRST GIRL IN BL HISTORY TO LOSE SO MUCH AFTER BEING THE HEAVIEST ON THE RANCH!! and just read it:

kels says:

this was the worst season ever. the hate of such individuals such as Heba, Ed, Vicky, and Brady. They are wicked and evil and should of been kicked off the show for being soooo selfish. They are grown adults that are acting like 5 year old. It just made me sick. I am so glad for Michelle for kicking there asses. But Heba did not deserve to win the $100,000. Jillian and Bob are probably so disappointed with the 4 of you. You are not very good people.

Karin says:

I loved this season of Biggest Loser and I am sooooo glad Michelle won! Heba and Vicky need to grow up. Yes, it was a game and $250k was on the line, but they were just plain mean people. Who treats people like that anyway? Obviously, they want to be “celebrities” but now that they have made a name for themselves as , how does that feel? Michelle and all the rest of the ladies…..good for you!

Penny says:

I read the article you referenced and I see no remorse from Heba. She says that she won the game even tho not winning the 250k, that Phil was sneaky while she was honest, that america voted to put ed in the finale rather than her because we could all see she was a bigger threat, blah blah blah. Is this what you think will change our opinion of her?!? The only thing I disagree with on this website is those who put Ed in the same category as heba and vicky. I really don’t think he was that bad. He even let heba sacrifice him for herself, doesn’t seem bothered when she says that she was obviously a bigger threat than him, etc. That alone proves he is not as selfish as his wife. And I think most americans agree or they would not have given him 84% of the vote.

Rosie says:

Heba’s Fan… so you met the REAL Heba, got to talk to her? WOW!!! And now she is you best friend?!!? As Dr. Phil says, “GET REAL”.
Oh! and I just read your suggested article about Heba. She was right in saying America’s jaw would hit the floor when we saw her. The girl lost some serious weight and looks much better. BUT… my jaw did hit the floor when I wondered if she had actually looked in the mirror and her fruit roll ups hitting her waist line. She needs some expert to fit her for a good bra, or else get those girls reduced in size with surgery and the money she won. Next time you see your new best friend why don’t you suggest that to her, that what friends do, help each other. And about the computer thing that you say we all are doing…. do you have another method of posting here that maybe your new best friend told you about instead of sitting in front of a screen and typing letters/words?

Jo says:

Heba, get a bra!

lulu says:

why are all of you being mean? u never know what those people ARE TRUELY LIKE!!! CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE BIGGEST LOSERS! ALL OF U DESERVED IT! IMAJINE HOW HARD AND LONG HOURS THEY HAVE WORKED TO GET their FABULOUS NEW BODY!!!!! 🙂 I am happy for all of them and I am glad they get to live a happy, healthy life! y’all ARE GREAT TROOPERS BIGGEST LOSERS! this little note is very possitive…why are y’all putting negative things???????!!!!!!!!!! arn’t you happy for them??? I AM! They deserved it!

Homer says:

I grew up with Heba and I can pretty much say that the Heba you saw on TV is the same Heba I saw throughout school.

Say what you want, but she got the money and lost the weight. That’s Heba in a nutshell. She may get under your skin at times, but she tends to get the last laugh.

HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

We never said we were her new ‘BEST FRIENDS’ LOL.. sounds like someone is a little bit jealous!? no?! Heba and Ed are both cool people, you guys dont know the REAL her so why judge? Heba never told us to say anything or type anything, we are just sticking up for her, because, thats what fans do. we did meet and talk to her. she was VERY nice and she looked GREAT. and if u met heba, you wouldnt say all that to her, now would u?! u know u would be like ‘OMG.. HEBA! YOU LOOK SO AMAZING, HOW DID U DO IT?! YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION, YOU WERE MY FAVORITE BLAH BLAH BLAH!”
LOL… so in truth, just quit with the heba drama.. season 7 started, pick someone out of that crowd to go and hate, since thats obviously what u guys do.. silly BL fans.. leave heba alone!!! seriously.. oh and vicky too.

bill says:

TO HEBA FANS: quit sticking up for Heba, if he reads these, she probably does not appriciate it anyway, you are nice for being one of the few fans she has, but she probably doesnt appriciate any fans she has. She seems to be very hormonal. I feel bad for you for even speaking up for her. She doesnt need ANY fans but since (suprisingly) she has a few, why don’t you kids (im guessing late teens by the typing) look up to anyone else on the show. Heba is not a very good rolemodel.

IloveTaraCosta says:

Okay, so I may have voted Heba off, but I reconsider. She is an inspiration to many… keep rockin sister!

birdie says:

Well, i guess Heba isn’t getting the last laugh. By the looks of her on the laswt BL show, during the marathon, looks like she is gaining lots back. So, what was the reason she was on the show?

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