Interview with Ed Brantley, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 4

If there were ever a love story viewers would want to follow on Biggest Loser, this was it. The great love of Heba and Ed, season 6’s orange team! Ed Brantley’s elimination during Week 4 was hard to watch for the viewers and not an “easy thing to do” according to Ed. He says he didn’t get any updates on Heba’s progress after he left, and hoped he wouldn’t see her for at least two months, meaning that she just kept pushing through. When he and Heba did finally reunite (since all the current contestants have all gone home), he says “you would not even believe it!” When all of us finally get the chance to watch, Ed said “you’ll be up in a chair screaming, doing back flips!”

Since leaving the ranch in mid-May, Ed has lost 90 pounds, and currently weighs 245 pounds (down from his starting weight of 335). He had set a goal for a 32″ pant size, and he is currently wearing a 34″ in shorts. Speaking with Ed, there is no doubt that he’s as dedicated to his weight loss as much as he was during his time on Biggest Loser, if not more so. “I had to bring the ranch home,” Ed explained about instilling the mindsite of complete discipline at home that he had at the ranch. He often remembers “what would Bob think,” or that Heba would remind him not to stop.

One thing he has stopped is sampling all of his delicious menu items. As a professional chef, Ed says one of his biggest problems was always tasting everything he cooked. He’d eat meals thoughout the day, with no regard for how many extra calories he was consuming. Now, he says when he needs to taste, he simply spits it back out into a napkin to avoid those calories.

While Vicky and Brady of the brown team seemed to stand-out as Ed’s and Heba’s closest friends on the ranch, it seems the grey team left with a bad taste in their mouths. Ed said that they could have been good “southern gentlemen” and voted to keep grey team on, but at that point, their vote wouldn’t have swayed the elimination at all.

He blames his own elimination on coming up one pound short in the weigh-in. Ed’s final trip to the Biggest Loser scale produced a zero-pound weight loss for the week, making Heba’s remarkable eight pound loss bittersweet. Ed suggests that it was likely a fat loss and muscle gain canceling one another out. Heba was reluctant to send Ed home because she felt he’d have a major weight loss the next week, and Ed said a week after returning home, he dropped another 10 pounds.

Up next, Ed is just concentrating on losing the weight for the finale, where he stands to win the at-home prize of $100,000. To do that, he enjoys spinning and the stair climber at the gym. If he wins, he suggested that he and Heba might turn the Jayco RV they won in week 3 into an RV Gym. When this all settles down, “the sky is the limit,” says Ed, in regards to working with initiatives that support healthier school lunches for children.

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Disgusted says:

Love story? Ed couldn’t wait to leave the ranch to get away from his bully, pushy, loud mouth wife Heba. I can’t stand them or Vicky and Brady. I hope the Biggest Loser learns from this episode that these people are not only terrible role models as parents but also as human beings!

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