America Votes for the Biggest Loser Finalists

UPDATE: Vote for Biggest Loser 7 Finalists Ron or Mike.

Who would have thought Heba and Ed would have to go head-to-head to gain a position in the finale? It’s also not much of a surprise that Ed campaigned for his wife. Will it work?

We’re curious, who will you vote for? Make sure to cast your vote at NBC.

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Do not miss the live finale next week. Bernie and I will be there to talk to the new Biggest Loser moments after he or she steps on the scale for the final time, and talk to all of the other contestants to hear where their journeys have lead them.

To Ed, Heba, Vicky and Michelle, a whole-hearted congratulations to each of you from all of us at! It takes so much courage to completely transform your lives in front of millions of people the way you have. We hope you’re proud of yourselves for your incredible accomplishments.

12 Responses to America Votes for the Biggest Loser Finalists

Ms Chicklet says:

Ed totally waterloaded, and it totally backfired. If he hadn’t, he could have secured a spot in the final and America definitely would have voted Icky Vicky out, putting Heba in.

Go, Michelle!

Anonymous says:

I think ed should go cause Heba has a bad attitude if ya ask me!

nicole says:

I think Ed should go to the finale and do this for himself. Heba seems to only care about herself.

Jodie says:

Heba has been such an evil manipulator, I hope she doesn’t go to the finale. I know its a game, but the goal should be to lose weight, not to
win anyway you can.

Here’s my take….Heba should be in the finale….it’s stupid to vote for Ed, he stands too good a chance of winning that way….men losing faster than women and all that….

But I agree, Heba is NOT my favorite by any means…Love MICHELLE….and would love to see her win the whole thing. And Vicki…well, let’s just say I think she is an idiot…Why wouldn’t you make the final four all women?…That would be a first for the show…and at that point make it anyone’s game…rather than have a man to worry about…sorry to all you men out there, but it’s all about girl power for me in this season…

Ang says:

I liked Heba until she split the families apart when choosing teams. Thats when I stopped liking her. Vicky is pure evil and does not deserve to win. I want Michelle to divide and conquer!!! Michelle, even at such a young age, has class, and now had a body to match the beauty within her!!

TC says:

Ed gets my vote. I did not like Heba’s comments when she asked us to vote for her. She DESERVES it? She works HARDER than Michelle and Vicky? Nope, not gonna vote for her. I hope Michelle blows them ALL out of the water! She is beautiful inside and out.

LK says:

ahhh, this is a tough one. Part of me wants Heba out because she played the game dirty as much as Vicki, just wasn’t as vocal or upfront about it. And out of spite, just want her out because she wants it so bad. But if you leave Ed in it, then there is a very good chance he will win it. He is always winning those challenges. And you make a good point, guys lose faster than girls. The only one who deserves to win in Michelle because of integrity but I wonder if she has enough weight left to lose in order to pull off a win. She has lose so much in the last few weeks fighting to stay in the game. Heba, Vicki, and Ed could lose more….or maybe not. Ultimately, Michelle gets the MVP award no matter what for her perservence and integrity. At the end of this, title or no title…she still is the role model to represent this show. NBC must be thrilled because these big ‘game players’ (Ed, Heba, and Vicki) have been pulling in the ratings. At the end of the day, thats TV for ya. Go Michelle, you are the real winner in my opinion!

mate says:

I’m praying Michelle to win because she shows integrity and she is not evil or game player. She works hard and she is beautiful outside and inside. I’m proud of her Go Michelle

Marie says:

Heba and Vicky and the entire blue team ruined the entire
Biggest Loser show for me. If that is what is takes to to be
a part of the show, I don’t want to be a contestant. I hope
next season has some true winners. So sad there is all that
money to be given to some undeserving member of the blue
team. I just couldn’t watch these past 2 weeks. Vickie is
evil and Hebe is not much better. If the reason Heba wanted to lose
wt. was so she could have children, she would definately be a poor
example to her children. I am sure her personality would be part of her kids and that would be said. Biggest Loser game – next year pick some real contestants with compassion.

Kim says:

I will totally vote for Heba to go to the finale simply because I think she doesn’t have as good a chance of winning as Ed does. I can’t stand either of them or Vicky! GO MICHELLE!!!

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