How Celebrities Resolve to Live Better in 2024


Yes, celebs are just like us. They make New Year’s resolutions, too! If you have yet to plan your 2024 goals, look to these famous role models to come up with your own! We like how they’re keeping it simple and realistic.

1. “When people are talking to me, I will listen.” — Matt Preston, MasterChef Australia

Preston goes on to tell the Daily Mail that he does not usually believe in resolutions, but he and his daughter resolved to make this goal together.

2. “I just need to be better this year than I was last year.” — Ne-Yo, singer

He says, “New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me because I’ll be real disciplined for like a week and then I’ll fall off.” Ne-Yo has a good plan regardless: resolve to not make any resolutions. Personally, trying to be overall “better” than you were in a prior year is a perfect resolution.

3. “I don’t make ’em, ’cause I always break ’em.” — Dolly Parton, country starThough Parton has a similar mindset as Ne-Yo, she also went on to tell Female First that she will stay busy, which keeps her energetic. Her other secret? Naps. “Where I am, whatever I’m doing, I take a quick nap.” Not a bad resolution — more naps!

4. “To live in the moment.” — Frank Muytjens, J. Crew menswear designer

5. “Starting my New Year resolution TODAY!!!! I will have the body of my dreams by my 30th bday which is June 12th. #readysetgo #getit #work

Kendra Wilkinson, reality starWilkinson tweeted her 2024 resolution on December 15th, putting everyone to shame by getting started way before the rest of us! Way to go, girl.

6. “Volunteer at the animal shelter. Go to more museums. Work out more regularly.” — Pamela Love, jewelry designer

Love told Gotham Magazine, alongside other famous New Yorkers, her resolutions for 2024. Though working out regularly tops a lot of our lists, volunteering at animal shelters and spending more time in museums are definitely rare and awesome goals.

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!

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