Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien Discusses New Show and Healthy New Years Party Ideas

The holidays are upon us and that means needing an extra hour in every day to shop for presents, hang holiday lights and attend festive gatherings. But for Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. the Hungry Girl, she is busy preparing not just for the holidays, but also for the launch of her new television show as well.

Being the gracious gal she is, Lisa took a few minutes out of her super duper busy schedule to talk about her new show and her Hungry Girl tips for surviving New Years in a healthy and low-calorie way.

1. Tell us eager fans about your new show.

SO excited for it! It will air on Cooking Channel on Saturdays at 4pm ET/1pm PT starting January 8, 2023. It’s called Hungry Girl and I think it’s pretty much exactly what HG fans will expect: Lots of recipes, food finds, survival strategies, shockers and more!

2. With New Years right around the corner, can you give us three tips for how to not indulge too much at a New Years Eve bash?

Don’t show up starving. Eat sensible meals and snacks that day. Do NOT overdo it on the alcohol. Alcohol calories add up fast. Work out that day. Spend an hour exercising. It will help!

3. What is a favorite drink and appetizer recipe of yours from Happy Hour that would be great low-calorie choices for a  New Years Eve party?

Hmmm…they’re all great, but De-pudged Pigs in a Blanket and the Magical Low Calorie Margarita are definitely huge crowd-pleasers!

4. Even though you already have such a healthy perspective on food, cooking and fitness, do you have a healthy New Years resolution?

I don’t really have food-related ones. Just to get more sleep maybe, but that’s not likely gonna happen.

Thanks Lisa! Happy New Year and we can’t wait for your new show!

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