Jessica Simpson Signs with Weight Watchers to Lose Baby Weight

Not surprisingly, Jessica Simpson has made the news again regarding her weight. We’ve learned she has signed up with weight loss giant Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight. So what makes that newsworthy? She hasn’t even had the baby yet.

Simpson has signed a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers to start trying to lose weight immediately following the birth of her first child in 2023. This endorsement deal can give the impression that immediate focus on weight loss after delivery is the norm. It also highlights the popular celebrity trend of having your pre-pregnancy body back six weeks after giving birth, which isn’t realistic for most women. Sources state that Simpson will also be preparing for her wedding to Eric Johnson shortly after giving birth, which offers some insight into her wanting to lose weight so quickly. Although it has been stated that Simpson will only be trying to lose her pregnancy weight, it is questionable that weight loss be her main focus immediately after giving birth. During that time, her body will be making some big adjustments going from growing the baby to feeding and caring for the baby. If Simpson plans to breastfeed, she will actually need to consume more calories instead of cutting back.

For new moms, losing baby weight is not discouraged, but it must be done in a healthy manner. You have to give your body time to heal from the delivery and take things slowly. Some of the best pointers from moms who have been there include drink lots of water, keep healthy snacks available, eliminate junk food and try to fit in exercise whenever you can. The most important thing to remember is not to go overboard with cutting calories. If you are breastfeeding, cutting too many calories can hurt your milk supply. If you’re not breastfeeding, cutting too many calories can put your body into starvation mode, hindering your weight loss.

Many women neglect their own health after having their baby. Remember to make some time for yourself, which will help in your weight loss journey. Weight Watchers does offer arrangements within their plan for moms who are breastfeeding, so their program can be used after giving birth. Hopefully, Jessica Simpson will remember to take the proper healing time before jumping into weight loss after giving birth.

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