John Crutchfield: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 5

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john biggest loserAge 30

Hometown Orlando, FL

Occupation Senior Reporting Manager

Team Color Brown

Teammate James Crutchfield, twin brother

Starting Weight 484

Finale Weight 335

Total Loss -149

Family Married, 1 Child

Videos and Interviews

Mini Bio

John’s family is very close, brought closer together by several deaths both past and recent. John doesn’t want to use these family tragedies as an excuse for being overweight any longer, and above all wants to lose weight to continue being around for his family. Knowing how it feels like to lose family members makes John even more dedicated, as to not make his wife and ten-month-old child experience that pain. He has lost 160 pounds in the past, but quickly gained back 200 pounds.  His competitive nature makes him want to lose even more weight than before and finally keep it off! John enjoys competition with is twin brother, James, and is ready to go head-to-head at the Biggest Loser ranch.

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Other Spellings Jon, Johnny, Critchfield, Crutchfields, Krutchfield

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