Kate Middleton’s Diet Not to be Revealed on NBC’s Inside the Royal Marriage

Royal watchers will get an inside look at the first six months of marriage for Prince William and his new wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, in a special airing on NBC December 13. Hosted by Natalie Morales, “William & Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage” will delve deep into the personal lives of these newlyweds. Today we spoke with Matt Drury, executive producer, and Chris Jackson, Getty Images’ award-winning Royal photographer, who worked on the special and let us in on a little bit of what we’ll see on the program and what it’s like to work so closely with the couple.

We’ll see how William and Kate are building a private life that resembles normal as much as the most famous couple in the world can. Drury told us that their home is quite remote and that they do not have any live-in staff. He also noted some insight shared by Royal friend Ben Fogle, who said that the Duke and Duchess are very selective about the friends they associate with, suggesting an “informal agreement that if anyone does talk, they’ll very quickly find themselves banished from the inner circle.”

One of the things that no one ever discusses is Kate’s diet. In fact, Drury let us know that nothing about Kate’s diet will be revealed on the NBC special.

“Interest is fever pitch in America,” said Drury on the network’s decision to produce this special for the U.S. and not the U.K. We’d agree with that observation about the interest in Catherine from Americans, as The Dukan Diet was number eight on our Most Popular Diets of 2024 list. In the months leading up to The Royal Wedding, for which the special will provide never-before-seen details, everyone wanted to know how Kate was keeping her slender figure. Rumors sent Royal watchers looking for The Dukan Diet, a high-protein, cyclical diet penned by French author Dr. Pierre Dukan. In fact, not only was Kate linked to the diet, but the mother of the bride was as well. Dukan or not, the entire Middleton family looked stunning at the wedding.

Rumors about Kate’s diet have quieted in recent months as the Royal Bump Watch has taken over. No doubt when the formal announcement is made about a baby, something that is not likely to be a part of the NBC special, everyone will want to know how Kate will maintain a healthy lifestyle during her pregnancy.

You can see “William & Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage” on NBC on December 13, 2024 at 8/9 EST.

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