At Home Biggest Loser Winner Koli Palu: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

UPDATE: Koli Wins Biggest Loser At Home Prize

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Age 28

Hometown Rohnert Park, CA

Occupation Football Coach, Head of Security

Team Color Grey

Teammate Sam Poueu, cousin

Starting Weight 403

Finale Weight 188

Total Loss -215

Family Single

Videos and Interviews

Mini Bio

The best weight loss excuse Koli has is his Tongan roots and the culture’s tendency to be overweight. There are expectations that are put on Koli because of his weight: he is expected to eat more than everyone else, and he is the first person everyone calls when they need help moving. Koli’s jobs as a high school football coach by ay and head of security by night causes him to eat at odd hours. Koli grew up playing sports with an understanding of the importance of healthy living. He is very involved in athletics and wants to continue coaching where he can be a role model for young men. The first step to achieving this dream is being healthy and fit himself.

Other Spellings Kolinaisi, Kolli, Kolie, Coli, Balu, Poueu, Pallu, Paloo

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