Kourtney Kardashian to Shed Baby Weight with QuickTrim

kourtney kardashianFans of E!’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians” have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the eldest Kardashian sister’s baby since her announcement in August. Fans can now try to keep up with Kourtney Kardashian’s and Scott Disick’s baby boy, Mason Dash Disick. The healthy baby was born to the on-again, off-again couple in Los Angeles December 14, weighing seven pounds and six ounces and 19.5 inches long.

Kourtney admits that she only gained a healthy 26 pounds during her pregnancy (the recommended pregnancy weight gain is about 35 pounds). While trying to keep up with her new baby boy will certainly help her shed those pounds, she has also announced plans to use the weight loss supplement QuickTrim.

It seems those Kardahsian sisters share a lot, as Kim Kardashian has been pitching the product for some time. Kourtney’s mom Kris Jenner (married to Olympian Bruce Jenner) told US Weekly “I’m going to do it with Kourtney. We are very excited!”

What is QuickTrim? It’s a weight loss cleanse product that comes in a variety of forms, including a 48-hour fast cleanse and a 14-day formula. The lemonade drink is similar in ingredients and results as the Lemonade Diet, which has been a Hollywood weight loss staple for years, used by celebs like Denzel and Beyonce.

QuickTrim Extreme Burn is another product in the brand family, and this focuses on the use of diet pills to achieve your weight loss goals. It claims to help users burn an unbelievable 8,000 additional calories each month.

No word yet on whether or not Kourtney will use her sister’s workout DVDs, Kim Kardashian’s Fit Into Your Jeans by Friday, to help with the baby weight loss.

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