Larialmy Allen: Biggest Loser 11 Contestant

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Biggest Loser 11 ContestantOccupation: Student services program coordinator

Age: 26

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Team Color: Red

Teammate: Jaquin Allen

Starting Weight: 301

Final Weight: 217

Total Loss: -84


Mini Bio

Larialmy Allen realized that she needed to lose weight when she couldn’t make it up the stairs without sweating and losing her breath. She grew up in Alvin, South Carolina and attended Trident Technical College where she earned her associate’s degree in business administration. She went on to earn her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College. For Larialmy, gaining weight was a vicious cycle: she found comfort in eating after being teased about her weight. She hopes to one day have more children, without the pregnancy risks facing obese women.

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Common Misspellings:
Larilmy Allen, Larilamy Allan, Lirialmy Allen, Lauralee Allen, Lauralmy Allen

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