Mark Wahlberg’s Boxing Workout for The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg, the actor most often known for his wild antics and bad reputation, has developed a love for boxing. The former member of musical groups New Kids on the Block and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch has always been known for his ripped physique and toned abs, including a stint as a Calvin Klein model. Recently, he can be seen in the film The Fighter playing boxer Mickey Ward. Wahlberg took the part so seriously that he trained for more than four years, and he began working on his boxing before he was even sure that he’d have the role. He developed a love for the sport and continues to train. He even moved Mickey Ward into his home in order to copy his mannerisms and to be trained by him in the ring.

Quoted in Men’s Health as saying, “Boxing is one of the toughest workouts you can have. I feel like if I had to run a marathon, I could. You relieve your frustrations, that’s for sure.”

Wahlberg zeroes in on five key points. “The key for me is balance and working the throw,” says Wahlberg. “You take that from five things: the jump rope, the heavy bag, the speed bag, the double-end bag, and hitting mitts. It’s repetition, throwing constant combinations. I just step in there and do it.”

Wahlberg built a gym in his home specifically to train for his role in The Fighter. His gym contains a basketball court, a boxing ring, punching bags, cardio machines, and an entire weight assembly. He begins his workouts with jump rope and then moves to boxing drills. When he’s completed his boxing regimen, he doesn’t stop but moves on to a superset weight routine for about 30 to 40 minutes while wearing a 35-pound weighted vest.

And it shows. Wahlberg has always been known for his tight physique, but based on the way he raves about the physical benefits of boxing, and the way he looks in The Fighter, it seems he has found his perfect workout.

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