Meet the Final Four in the Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 11 Recap

It’s week 11! Wait, really? Yeah it is! I almost forgot what week it was, but really after makeover week everything seems to blend together! So this week Alison drops the bomb that the deadly RED line is back and that two people are going home, which will whittle down the house to the final four. Every time that red line rears its ugly head everyone in the house goes BANANAS! You see crazy workouts, crazy focus and attention to every morsel. It really takes everything up a few notches. Even Bob and Jillian get the red line fever and they start making every single rep a last chance workout.

They had a rewarding pop challenge where Brendan pocketed $10,000! I like when they have the challenges in stages and after each stage one challenger is out, it definitely gives different people advantages in each stage. I thought it was really awesome of Brendan to give $1,000 of it to the Warriors in Pink. I know that you viewers out there are wondering where did Mr. Nice guy come from, last week a car for Patrick and this week cash for breast cancer. The truth is, everyone has more than one side to them and unfortunately for Brendan up until now we had only seen the “other” side.  I don’t think it’s going to win him any votes, but at least America can see he is not all about the game.

The second challenge they had boasted the prize of a one-pound advantage, which at this stage in the game is almost like immunity. Ada worked hard to win that prize.

At the weigh-in it was a tense scene. The girls had great numbers, considering the lateness in the season, and Ada was really helped by having the one-pound advantage. When Brendan weighed in I think the world went silent. I don’t think anyone saw that coming (a loss of only five pounds), but as Bob has said and is frequently quoted “game players never win.” He was kind in his departure and I know that we all wish him the best of luck because in the end it is about being healthy and getting their lives back, not about who wins or loses because really… if you can beat the weight, we all win!

When Mark fell below the yellow line I already knew the outcome, ahem, a few blogs ago didn’t I say he should watch his back? But I had hoped that Patrick had a change of heart after the talk he had with Bob following Jesse’s elimination. I wasn’t surprised though when he voted Mark home, but I was super sad for Mark because he put trust in people. I think what really makes me sad, more than any of the game play, is that many people go on this show with low self-esteem, low confidence and low trust in others, then you have this amazing experience with these people that NO else one in the WORLD understands and you want to be able to share it with them and trust them, but you can’t.

I am glad I went home the week the game play became apparent and intense, I don’t think I would have done well with it at all! So with that said, we have our final 4: Elizabeth, Ada, Frado and Patrick. Marathon next week? Then finale? WOW!

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