Most Popular Celebrity Diet Fads of 2024

Dukan Diets, 5-factor, baby food, blueprint cleanseFact-checked or not, there’s nothing quite like a celebrity endorsement to make a diet’s popularity skyrocket. In 2024, we saw a number of diets get big attention thanks to “inside sources” claiming they were the secret to a star’s slim figure. On the other hand, many diet plans are willing to write big checks in order to put a celebrity face on their advertisements. Here’s a look at the biggest celebrity diet trends of the past year.

1) Dukan Diet

After mother-of-the-bride Carole Middleton said she lost a few pounds on the Dukan Diet, rumors flew that the Duchess of Cambridge was also following the super-low carb diet. Although it was never confirmed that Kate was dieting at all, The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan quickly became a best seller in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

2) Baby Food Diet

Named one of the worst celebrity diets by the British Dietetic Association, the mushy origins of this diet go back to Madonna’s glory days. Supposedly created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, the diet blew up in 2024 when tabloids claimed that baby food was the secret to Lady Gaga’s slim figure. The star refuted the claims, but this did nothing to quell the diet’s popularly.

3) Raw Diet

Natalie Portman and Demi Moore reportedly have dabbled with raw food diets, which consist exclusively of uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sometimes meat or fish. This high-fiber, low-cal diet is certainly rich in vitamins, but it can be difficult to get adequate levels of fat and protein if followers do not plan their meals carefully.

4) Juice Cleanses

Unlike many of the rumors and murmurings discussed above, several celebrities have publicly endorsed various juice cleanses. Salma Hayek touted Cooler Cleanse, while Gwyneth Paltrow sang the praises of Organic Avenue. However, The Blueprint Cleanse was the heaviest hitter in the juice cleanse category, with Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bethenny Frankel all endorsing the program. Our take? It’s probably OK to do a liquid cleanse for one or two days, but more than that may be deprive your body of the calories required for necessary functions.

5) 5-Factor

Harley Pasternak has a long list of A-list clients, from Rihanna and Katy Perry to Al Pachino and Jimmy Fallon. Best known for his short and effect workouts, the Pasternak’s 5-Factor diet has also enjoyed popularity in the past year. The diet plan requires you to eat five times per day, in order to keep your metabolism running on “high” and avoid hunger.

6) Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson became the celebrity face of Weight Watchers back in 2024, but she’s still touting her success on the popular diet plan. Since beginning the program, Jennifer got down to a size six and says she’s feels comfortable with her new body type.

7) Nutrisystem

Janet Jackson was recently named spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, touting the convenience of their portion-controlled meals. Although Jackson did not disclose how much weight she lost on Nutrisystem, she has been very open about her struggles with weight and body image, sharing her experiences in her book True You.

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