New Year’s Day 5Ks and Marathons Start 2022 on the Right Foot

Once we wake on January 1st, we have high hopes for a resolution but rarely is there a plan in place for these new habits. Often, January 1st ends up looking pretty much like December 31st. So, what’s the way to make New Year’s Day truly be a new day? Consider lining up for a New Year’s Day race! It’s a really great way to put your feet where your mouth is and literally start the new year on the right foot.

There are New Year’s Day races all over the country. From 5Ks to full marathons, there’s a distance out there for all level of runners. It’s a great first race for many looking to kick off their new plan, a re-commitment for the ones who let their previous good habits get away from them, and to keep the seasoned runner on track.

Some cities have morning races while others have starting guns that fire off at midnight. Here are just a few of most popular January 1st races from around the country. Find one near you and start 2022 off right!

1. Philadelphia Midnight Run and Party  5K

2. Chicago’s New Years Day 5k

3. Steilacoom, Washington Resolution Run Race Series 20 Miles, 15 Miles, 10 Mile, 15 K, 10 K, 5 Miles, 5 K

4. San Francisco New Year’s One Day  24, 12, or 6 Hour Races

5. White Bear Lake, Minnesota Resolution Solution 5K

One of my favorite side effects of the New Year’s Day race is that I have to stay on track the night before. If I over-indulge, I could find myself in an uncomfortable position come race day. Knowing I have a starting line to wake up to helps me say “no thank you” when the second servings are offered or when I pass the chocolate covered sugar treats at a party. I remember to drink water and stay hydrated, and often, I’m the first out the door to get a good night’s sleep. For me, the New Year’s Day run helps me do the things I say I want to do on New Year’s Eve.

Furthermore, there’s nothing better than crossing the finish line on New Year’s morning. It’s such a strong picture of how I want the rest of my year to look like. Me and my fellow racers aren’t just saying we’re going to take better care of ourselves this year, we’re actually doing it.

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