Order Your Healthy Snacks Online

You can buy just about anything online these days – even your favorite snacks, granola and cereals. With the click click click of a mouse, I’ve recently come across a few websites that allow you to customize your own snacks, granola and breakfast cereal.

When you customize your snacks online, you’re getting exactly when you want, made fresh to order when you want it, and most offer up nutrition information so you know exactly what you’re eating before you even order.

MixMyGranola is a service that lets you create a custom, all-natural granola mix from more than 50 ingredients, from dried fruit to flax seed to more indulgent options, like chocolate chips, jelly beans and caramel popcorn.

Chocomize is perfect for the picky eater with a sweet tooth. Chocomize allows customers to create custom chocolate bars. Choose your base and select from more than 100 types of fruits, nuts, herbs, and candies to create your personalized chocolate bars. From sea salt to culinary lavender to caramel pieces, your chocolate bars are practically artwork.

Me & Goji is the first custom cereal and granola company that lets you design a cereal from 60+ natural ingredients, name your mix and even upload a picture to the label. Aside from being healthy and delicious, it makes a fun, unique, personal holiday gift for the cereal lover in your life.

My Mixed Nuts lets you blend your own fresh trail mix or nut medleys and have them made to order, to be delivered right to your door. Try one of their delicious mixes or create your own combination from over 40 unique ingredients.

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