Patti Anderson: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 2

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patti biggest loserAge 55

Hometown Lafayette, CA

Occupation Business Owner

Team Color Purple

Teammate Stephanie Anderson, daughter

Starting Weight 243

Finale Weight 170

Total Loss -73

Family Married, 2 Adult Children


  • Set a record for losing the most weight by a woman during week one (-23 pounds)

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Mini Bio

Patti can sadly recall the teasing song classmates would sing about her: “Patti fatty two by four, can’t fit through the bathroom door!” Although she wore a brave face with smiles and laughter, she felt ashamed and heart broken.  Patti’s father died suddenly at age 55 and leaving her feeling devastated. Patti fears that if she does not control her weight now, at the same age her father died, she will put her daughters in the same position. Patti wants to finally be the woman her husband deserves: healthy, energetic and fit. As the president/owner of a company in an male dominated industry, Patti’s determination and tenacity have been necessary for her success.

Other Spellings Patty, Pat, Pattie, Andersen

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