RECALL: Defective Glucose Test Strips

Opitum Test StripsThe Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that 359 million blood glucose test strips are being recalled for giving faulty readings. The government agency is working with Abbott Diabetes Care to facilitate pulling the defective strips from the market, which may make blood glucose levels look lower than they really are. The faulty strips were sold in retail stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and were manufactured between January and May of 2022.

The affected glucose test strips are sold under a variety of brand names: MediSense Optium, Precision Xceed Pro, Precision Xtra, Optium, Optium EZ, and ReliOn Ultima blood glucose monitoring systems.

The incorrect readings “can lead users to try to raise their blood glucose when it is unnecessary or to fail to treat elevated blood glucose due to a falsely low reading,” says the FDA, “both scenarios pose health risks.”

Anyone who wants to find out if they have products that need to be returned is invited to call Abbott Diabetes Care at 800-448-5234 for English speakers and at 800-709-7010 for Spanish speakers. The strips will be replaced at no cost to customers.

Via WebMD.

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