Rulon Gardner: Biggest Loser 11 Contestant

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Biggest Loser 11 Occupation: Gym owner and motivational speaker

Age: 39

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Team color: Yellow

Teammate: Justin Pope

Starting Weight: 474

Week 16 Weight: 301

Total Loss: -173


“Walking into the Biggest Loser gym was like walking into another arena.”


  • Married

Mini Bio

Rulon Gardner grew up in in Afton, Wyoming, and is the youngest of ten children. He is no stranger to tough competition: he comes to The Biggest Loser with two Olympic medals. Rulon won the gold medal for wrestling in 2000, and the bronze metal in 2004. Although he has been heavy all his life, Rulon was a true athlete who also played football and graduated from Nebraska University with degree in physical education. His real health problems started when he stopped his Olympic training, and he steadily began gaining weight.

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Rolon, Rulen, Garder, Gardener

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