Sheryl Crow to Release Healthy Cookbook in 2024

Sheryl Crow’s Cookbook If It Makes You Healthy released March 29, 2024.

From Real Housewives to comediennes to daytime talk show hosts, it seems like everyone who has had fifteen minutes in the limelight had written a cookbook. As someone with several shelves full of guides to bread baking, cheese making and more, I’m pleased that the next book to join the ranks is from rocker Sheryl Crow.

“It’s called, If It Makes You Healthy, which is sort of a take on [my song] ‘If It Makes You Happy,’” Crow explained Rachael Ray in December 2024. The book, which is a compilation of Crow’s favorite nutritious recipes, will hit stores in March 2024.

Why is a hit singer/songwriter stepping off the stage and into the kitchen? Since her breast cancer diagnosis five years ago, Crow has become interested in cooking. Specifically, she enjoys cooking healthy recipes that help boost immunity.

Much like some of the recipes in the Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Crow’s recipes will reflect the healthy-eating regime she adopted in 2006 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has maintained her diet since beating the disease.

On the Rachael Ray Show, Crow told Ray that she learned a lot about nutrition because she wanted to be proactive during cancer treatments.

“Part of that meant for me, aside from getting the Western treatment which was a lumpectomy and radiation, was to know more about what I put into my body,” she said. “All the vitamins and supplements that we take, the best way to get those vitamins and minerals are through food, through the actual food itself, as opposed to supplements. Supplements are great and everything but everything that we need is in the most colorful vegetables we eat.”

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