Start the Year with a Commitment Day 5K

New Year’s resolutions. Are you making one this year? If you’re like most Americans, you’ll resolve to take better care of yourself. And if you’re even more like most Americans, you’re not sure where to start. Consider starting on the first of January, with a commitment, a Commitment Run, that is.

NYE race

The Commitment Day 5K is a nationwide, family-friendly run/walk. The purpose is for people to help start a national conversation about living a healthier life. The races take place all over the country and have partnered with the American Heart Association to support their “My Heart, My Life” healthy living initiative. By joining in this run or walk on January 1st, you are helping the American Heart Association (AMA) reach their goal of improving cardiovascular health of all Americans. (No time to register and train? Commit to doing a 5K in early 2023 then use our guide to help you select the right one.)

The AMA is striving to help people identify and adopt healthier choices. Is there a better choice than getting out of the house with your family and moving? You’ll be doing your body a favor and you’ll also set a good example for your loved ones. The races are currently taking place in over 30 states across the nation. Registering for one of these races speaks loudly to local and national communities. The more individuals who join the conversation about health, the more people will listen. Maybe it’s you who needs to listen, maybe it’s a loved one. Regardless, we all can help make changes in our habits and have an impact on our community.

Start 2023 off right. Chart a new course or get back on the path you veered off of. Get your kids off the couch, get your neighbors out of the house, or simply take your first step towards a healthier life. You only get one, why not make it great?



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