NYE Party Planning: Stop the Scale from Springing Forward When the Clock Does

New Year’s Eve. A night of champagne toasts, smooching loved ones, staying up way too late, and boogying the night away. At the start of the year this is feels like a fitting celebration. But it’s important to remember that calories still count on special occasions, no matter how much you’d like to think otherwise. One night of overdoing it can set you back several steps when it comes to meeting your resolutions. As in, if you wake up on January 1 feeling tired, hung-over, and a few pounds heavier than on December 31st, chances are slim you’ll reach for a healthy, well-balanced breakfast first thing of the morning. So, have fun, but plan ahead.

NYE dancing

Try to drink at least a glass of water between each cocktail—this will slow your rate of drinking, hydrate your body, and may even help you drink less overall. And be choosy about what you put into your body. Remember, sugary-tasting drinks are usually pretty high in calories. Choosing to mix liquor with soda instead of tonic water can save you hundreds of calories by the end of the night. Finally, to negate all of those extra calories you do consume, start dancing. Dancing is a great way to kickstart the metabolism, plus it’s fun to do!

Here’s how long you’ll have to shake it to burn off these popular these popular drinks:

Champagne (approximately 84 calories): Plan to dance for 16 minutes per glass


Red or White Wine (approximately 122 calories): Plan to dance for 23 minutes per glass


Beer (approximately 153 calories): Plan to dance for 29 minutes per bottle


Cosmopolitan (approximately 213 calories): Plan to dance for 40 minutes per drink


Long Island Iced Tea (approximately 276 calories): Plan to dance for 52 minutes per drink

 long island iced tea

Pina Colada (approximately 490 calories): Plan to dance for 92 minutes per drink

 pina colada


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