SunShine Hampton: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

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sunshine biggest loserAge 23

Hometown Minneapolis, MN

Occupation Server

Team Color Yellow

Teammate O’Neal Hampton, father

Starting Weight 275

Finale Weight 161

Total Loss -114

Family Single


  • Returned week 5 to earn a spot back on the ranch. Lost 25 pounds in 30 days at home.

Mini Bio

SunShine was a high school competitor in both synchronized swimming and competitive swimming. While she has always been heavier, her selfless attitude has made it difficult to allow time necessary to meet her weight loss goals. Family gatherings often leave SunShine tempted by food, and her job as a restaurant server leaves her surrounded by unhealthy dishes. She knows the decisions she makes now, at a young age, and the patterns she establishes for herself, will determine what her future. SunShine thinks the future is not as bright as it should be if she is not able to lose weight.

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Other Spellings Sun Shine, Sonshine, Hamptons, Hapton

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