Surgeon General Announces Healthy App Challenge

As the New Year approaches, many people are planning to ramp up their level of exercise and eat healthier in typical resolution fashion. To help us along with the desire to finally get healthy, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has partnered with the Surgeon General to launch the Healthy App Challenge. This program will invite developers to submit health, wellness and fitness apps and is designed to encourage Americans to pair technology with the effort to make healthier lifestyle decisions.

“The challenge will highlight a selection of mobile apps in support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services efforts to empower individuals to make healthy choices using electronic technology,” the Surgeon General’s office said in a statement.

The deadline for submissions for this program is December 30 and registration is free. Applications must meet certain criteria to be considered. The three different categories for consideration include:

  • Fitness and physical activity – Applications aimed at people who are not currently exercising regularly.
  • Nutrition and healthy eating – Applications aimed at helping people prepare home cooked meals in a timely fashion; also targeting making healthy eating choices when dining out and traveling.
  • Integrative health apps – Applications showing how to integrate healthy habits like proper sleep, boosting your mental health, lifestyle behavior health, social health and family health.

The apps that win will be publicized through social media and also featured on the and websites.

While these apps will be very helpful and encouraging, you don’t have to wait until the winners are revealed to get started on healthier habits. Some things you can do to get started are set goals, track your progress and make a commitment. Getting started right away will prepare you to incorporate the Healthy App Challenge winners when they are available.

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