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There’s something about Mexican food that makes people want to gather together and turn any ordinary afternoon or evening in to a celebration for nothing in particular. The center of these gatherings being chips, guacamole and salsa. Now, these snacks can be high in calories and fat and just one more empty calorie fiesta. The best way to handle this is to prepare it yourself, but not everyone has the time (or even the money) to make a fresh batch of salsa or guacamole on demand. Eat, I mean meet, the next best thing – Wholly Guacamole!

You might think any ‘ole guacamole from the store will be fine, but an article at Yahoo! this week by Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko revealed that those premade guacamoles aren’t actually made with avocados. In fact, their ingredient labels show less than two-percent avocado with the rest being “green goo [and] a cluster of fillers and chemicals, including modified food starch, soybean oils, locust bean gum, and food coloring.”

Wholly guacamole starts with fresh Haas avocados, then adds onion, garlic, tomatoes, jalapenos and cilantro for a flavorful, fresh snack that can’t be beat by other grocery brands.

A one-ounce serving of fresh avocado is 50 calories, a healthy fruit full of essential monounsaturated fats and two grams of fiber. The same ounce of Wholly Guacamole has only 45 calories, two grams of fiber, and a lot more flavor. Plus, you can dip in a baked blue corn chip, veggie sticks, dollop on a salad, or spread on a sandwich.

The next time you need a quick and healthy side dish for Taco Tuesday at home, or need something to cater at the office potluck that’s a little more guiltless than a pot of sausages in BBQ sauce, grab the Wholly Guacamole. There are several flavors to choose from, including “Guaca Salsa,” a blend of guacamole with green salsa.

They also have a delicious line of salsas, called Wholly Salsa, made with fresh, aromatic and bold ingredients that taste like you made it in your own kitchen.

While Wholly Guacamole provided sample product, this review is not sponsored or influenced in anyway and remains the author’s own opinion.

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