Best Joint Support Supplements - Top 10 List (UPDATED 2024 )

Selecting a joint health supplement that truly works can be difficult, several brands on the internet use confusing advertising to fool you into thinking they’ll result in better joint health and mobility. However, this isn’t always the truth.

We made sure to carefully review brands; we’ve investigated over 3000 different joint health supplements from all over the world.

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Flexitrinol is a joint health supplement made with natural ingredients for improving flexibility, reducing pain, and aiding ...



(2967 votes)
9.8Read Review

Joint Juice

Joint Juice is a ready-to-drink joint health supplement that comes in liquid form in order for easier absorption. It’s available in both ...



(1763 votes)
9.2Read Review


Tri-Flex GNC is a joint health tablet that is taken to support flexibility and mobility manufactured by GNC, the well-known supplements ...



(534 votes)
8.3Read Review

Omega XL

Omega XL is a brand of nutritional supplements that claim to relieve inflammation and joint pain. The Omega XL pills are their only ...



(1201 votes)
7.0Read Review


Arthri-D is a natural joint health supplement that uses a blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants to improve ...



(1011 votes)
7.0Read Review


InstaFlex is a flexibility supplement that also has benefits for joint health and mobility. It is a chondroitin-free pill that ...



(945 votes)
6.2Read Review

Arthro 7

Arthro 7 is a natural joint health dietary supplement that claims to aid in mobility, relieve joint pain, and promote overall joint ...



(623 votes)
5.7Read Review


Supple-brand beverage is a nutritional supplement taken to improve joint health. It’s peach-mango flavored ...



(1091 votes)
5.4Read Review

Move Free Ultra

Schiff Move Free Ultra is a once-a-day nutritional supplement formulated to support joint health. Their website states that it helps ...



(591 votes)
5.3Read Review


FlexoPlex is a joint health supplement made with natural ingredients and a maximum strength formula ...



(283 votes)
5.0Read Review

How to Choose the Best Joint Pain Supplements

Joint health can naturally worsen over time, leading to inflammation, stiffness, a loss of range of motion, difficulty exercising, and other complications that make life uncomfortable. All this amounts to a decrease in your quality of life, and having to adjust to a slower, less mobile body than what you once had.

Fortunately there is legitimate science to back up the effective use of certain ingredients which can deliver multiple joint improvement benefits. These ingredients can prevent stiffness; bring back fluid inside the joints, strengthen connective tissue, and most importantly bring back a sense of normalcy. It’s best to combine a formula so you get the most benefits possible.

We’ll be reviewing the best joint health supplements, explaining how they work, and the important reason why you should begin supplementing to prevent the speed of normal wear and tear.

How do Joint Pain Supplements Work?

To help explain the process of how results are generated, let’s go over a basic breakdown of how joints work. Joints bring structure and they bring bones together by being the accompanying connector to our bodies.

By keeping it all synced up, you’re better able to more freely without there being a grinding or cracking kind of effect. This is why those with arthritis can cramp up, lose their mobility, and become less able to use force; their bodies will literally have less structure, making them immobile.

With joints you’re able to move around freely while being supported. There is a cushioning effect provided by smooth tissue and a lubricant, cartilage, and synovium. Naturally as we age all this wears down due to a wear and tear effect.

3 kinds of main joints exist in the human body:

Fibrous: Held together by ligaments, an example of this are the connective part where teeth are attached to. It is considered immovable and it’s less focused on when concerned about mobility.

Cartilaginous: This is where the connection occurs between what is known as articulating joints. A great example of this is the vertebra found within the spine.

Synovial: Our focus lies on these kinds of joints and it is what you’ll most likely be referencing when you talk about joint stiffness. This surrounds the joints and it has a membrane within it with a kind of fluid that provides lubrication. The neck, shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, and hands are examples of areas defined as synovial

Once this wears down you’re more liable to sustain injuries, and the bones begin to rub up against another, causing inflammation and even more pain. It used to be that you simply had to deal with it, perhaps using stretching, sauna, or therapy to improve movement, but it wouldn’t repair itself.

Similar to how effective it is at helping you stay mobile once it’s all working as it should, it can cause a significant discomfort and loss of range of motion when there are issues.

Some common tips for helping keep your joints healthy are to:

  • Perform regular exercise
  • Keep weight stable
  • Maintain a healthy posture.
  • Eat inflammation lowering foods and supplement

The Arthritis organization has advised supplementation, Web MD advises to seek support for seeking a supplement, and there’s a large market of companies that offer varying types of brands. Many brands contain many of the same ingredients, and some even add exotic additives which you may not be aware even exist.

Web MD has said that many consider different options and that the:

“right ones could offer greater control of osteoarthritis… RA joint pain”

The question then is which the right one to choose is, and what are some worthy ingredients you should be supplementing with?

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Cartilage is made up of both glucosamine and chondroitin; they help provide the cushioning effect between bones. Both of these are fairly standard ingredients in joint health pills and they can be both extracted either artificially or naturally.

Glucosamine in particular is what makes up the shell of shellfish, and chondroitin when sourced naturally can come from cow or shark cartilage.

It’s best to combine each of these ingredients in order to maximize their benefits. Supplements often contain this combination since it can help prevent osteoarthritis symptoms. It’s a quite common mixture that is even in the most basic forms of joint health pills.

Each ingredient individually can be helpful but since it’s already in healthy cartilage, you get even more protection when it’s blended together. These 2 are further defined by looking at them closer:

Glucosamine: Naturally found in the fluid that surrounds joints, this is used to prevent pain and to delay the progression of osteoarthritis. It will often come in the form of glucosamine HCI or glucosamine hydrochloride.

Chondroitin: Natural chemical in cartilage that is used to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms while also helping prevent the breakdown of healthy joint tissue. This especially renowned for being useful even in those who do not have any pre-existing joint issues that can diminish their mobility.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

A chemical found naturally in animals, plants, and even humans. It has long been used to help prevent joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, and other joint and tendon related issues.

It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, and it can help support joint health over time. A detailed study by the University Of Memphis School Of Health studies fully analyzing this and they concluded in their research that MSM was:

“well tolerated for arthritis…. (could reduce) Inflammation, physical function, and performance”

The benefits included an improvement in range of motion, reduction of free radicals which can lead to cell damage, improved immune function, and protection against arthritis related issues. Therefore it has not just the ability to act as a preventative measure, but it can also help those already suffering from complications caused by a decrease in joint health.

This is often used within joint health supplements and it’s not uncommon for it to be a main active ingredient. MSM is generally well-tolerated and unlikely to cause any side effects when it is used as directed. Web MD confirms this by adding that it is:

“POSSIBLY SAFE for most… for up to 3 months”

It’s reliability makes it a very useful ingredient for overall joint health, which is why we featured it individually in this section.

SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine)

A naturally sourced molecule the human body creates. It can produce multiple benefits including the activation of other chemicals, hormones, and even the effectiveness of drugs.

As a supplement it will be used to help reduce back pain, prevent bursitis, osteoarthritis, fatigue, spinal cord issues, and many other sources of pain.

You’ll most commonly find this in the fluid and tissues of every part of the body, and the University of Maryland Medical Center has verified what it can do by stating:

“Several studies show… helps relieve the pain of osteoarthritis”

You can typically only get it as a derivative from foods which in the amino acid methionine, but it is also available as a single extract in supplement form. also saw that this could help those with:

“osteoarthritis and depression”

Some minor side effects are possible such as mania, but this is not common and only seen in higher amounts within select patients according to One consideration about this ingredient is that it is now widely used in for its ability to help improve joint function, particularly in Western medicine.

It’s also important to consider as has found out that the:

“potential risks, and/or advantages… may not be known”

They also go on to say that there is no regulating standards in place for this ingredient, and the FDA has not granted it GRAS status to ensure it is likely to be safe when used as directed. Therefore it may be problematic to use this commonly found additive.

Fish oil (Omega-3 fatty acids)

Widely considered one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can get this by eating fatty fish or by taking fish oil supplements. The benefit of it from supplement form is that you can find brands which offer a quality version of its which is free of common heavy metals that can lead to some serious side effects.

Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are often lacking in the standard American diet, and when there re too many omega-6 or omega-9 without omega-3, it significantly raises the risk for developing inflammatory symptoms.

When taken as directed it can support the immune system, protect the brain, improve the cardiovascular system, and help maintain joint strength and flexibility.

Another interesting finding is that fish oil can help regulate stress. When stress if not regulated there is an increased risk of the entire body breaking down, including the joints. in particular has advocated for this and they say it can:

“provides a variety of benefits”

Not all joint health supplements have this ingredient however, as it is often a bit more difficult to place within a formula, and it can raise the price. It is something to look for since it is so potent and well-regarded by many published sources.

One such study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Department of Neurological Surgery tested fish oil on 250 patients. They concluded after looking at how well it responded once supplemented that:

“safer alternative to NSAIDS… reducing arthritic pain”

It was concluded that it had the exact same kind of benefit for reducing inflammation as a common anti-inflammatory over the counter pill such as aspirin. Therefore it can be used as a safer alternative to what could be a harsh pill that can wear on the kidneys.

When looking for fish oil we advise selecting a brand that has it alongside other ingredients, and which is certified GMP approved. This is the best way to ensure that the fish oil added is regulated and checked on for quality control.

Should I Use The Best Joint Pain Supplements?

It’s often a question of when joint health will decline not if it will decline; it’s not uncommon for the body to lose the precious fluid it has which once gave the body the ability to remain supple and flexible, able to perform tasks without a need for a warm up or for a sudden jolt of pain.

As part of a sustainable lifestyle regimen it’s highly advised to start using joint health supplements according to many different health groups. This is because of 2 major reasons:

  • It can help prevent already existing damage: So whether or not you think your body is something you just have to deal with, there is available relief and legitimate science to back up the claims that a supplement can help you function like normal again. All forms of arthritis may be benefited with the use of a natural supplement. This can help get rid of inflammation, pain, lack of flexibility, lack of range of motion, inability to hold unto weight, and overall stiffness which can make once easy tasks harder to accomplish.
  • There are preventative benefits; you can use it to keep joints from wear and tear. So if you have an active lifestyle or are simply looking to what was once seen as inevitable age related joint pain you can keep your joints strong and fluid so you at the very least delay the progression of achy joints. Athletes should supplement with a joint health supplement as well as regular people who are looking to keep mobile and flexible. The best measures are preventative so you can keep functioning at a high rate without having to slow down. By nourishing the body know and providing it with ingredients it can use to its benefit, you can make it easy to stave off the decline of joint function.

So while you may not have any other existing issues at all with your joints, over time it’s inevitable for there to be a decline, so it’s best to take preventative measures now. By helping keep the joints supple and enriched, you make it easier to sustain health over time.

For example, Web MD has offered some simple but effective suggestions for nourishing joints. They advise taking:

  • Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Calcium.

Some brands provide the right amount of each to help give the nutrients needed so the body works as it should. They also say:

“Stores are filled…. (with brands that) promise to relieve joint pain”

Certain joint health supplements offer a wealth of ingredients that can feed the body and prevent it from the inevitable wear and tear which occurs as we age. Then all that’s left to consider are what the best brands are, and to simplify the search, we’ve found the 10 best supplements of the year. We weeded through so many different types of brands from all over in order to know for certain which were the most qualified to help assist in retaining joint health.

The 10 Overall Best Joint Pain Supplements

1. Flexitrinol: Rich all-natural ingredients such as fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, vitamins, and minerals are added to this top rated brand. It has the right formula to help nourish joints that may have existing damage, while retaining their structure so you can remain mobile.

Great testimonials are available on the official website which showcases how reliable it was at improving overall mobility. This number 1 brand is also made with ingredients which are high dosage and functional at improving overall joint health. We favored it overall due to the fair price, its ability to help provide noticeable benefits, and the amount of rave reviews found online.

2. Joint Juice: A drinkable daily joint health product that contains some of the most common ingredients seen in similar kinds of brands. Its portability and sweet taste make it a unique supplement. Different fruity flavors are offered such as blueberry acai, pomegranate, and citrus.

Some liked the taste while others preferred a supplement which was free of sugar. There are also artificial sweeteners included yet for some reason also regular table sugar.

3. Tri-Flex: Contains a fairly standard but high dosage blend of joint health ingredients in glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid. It’s a very simple formula that you’ll often find in many other brands, and this is about as basic as you can get. The dosage strength is about average for the required 3 pills a day they recommend.

4. Omega XL: Made with a special omega-3 fatty acid rich mussel, this supplement is endorsed by Larry King. It especially emphasizes its source of marine oil which is said to come from clean waters which are free of any unwanted heavy metals. It’s not quite clear whether or not the dosage strength of the omega fatty acids is sufficient however.

5. Arthri-D: Special herbs, vitamins, minerals and other common joint health supplements are added to this. It’s marketed as a whole food nutrition supplement with an array of ingredients. This is one of the priciest options available in this list, especially when you consider the somewhat low dosage strength.

6. Instaflex: A widely available supplement that promises results in as little as a week. They add some basic ingredients like MSM and glucosamine, as well as other herbs less commonly used. It is marketed heavy as a fast acting solution which can relive pain and as sit in movement. The price is a bit higher than similar brands.

7. Arthro 7: A clinically studied supplement that is meant to improve both joint and bone health alike. This is targeted to relieve pain, assist mobility, and improve overall cartilage health. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are included to make the pain associated with achy joints go away.

8. Supple: A natural joint health beverage that has standard glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as many vitamins and minerals. User reviews were mixed on the taste, as some felt it was too sweet and that the artificial food coloring was unnecessary. Some did feel like the taste was preferably though this may be because of certain customer’s sweet tooth.

9. Move Free Ultra: A general joint health supplement meant to assist bone and cartilage health. Slight variations of this exist but each has the same targeted effect, to help nourish joints so they’re better lubricated and free-flowing. Reviews were often mixed with some experiencing change, but others finishing an entire bottle and not noticing benefits.

10. Flexoplex: The proprietary formula of this pill is meant to deliver “advanced” support, made with a complex formula of common and uncommon ingredients. Reviews of this were the most divided out of any other supplement in our top 10 list.


The best benefits of a joint health supplement is its ability to help provide relief from existing issues, while also strengthening joints so there’s a reduced risk for complications in the future. There’s an inevitable loss of joint function as we age, but this does not have to lead to a diminished lifestyle if the right brand is chosen.

There’s so many different options available and while there are some key ingredients to look for such as fish oil, chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, and certain nutrients, it’s also important to pick a brand with the right dosage strength backed by good reviews.

Using a joint health pill is highly recommended so there’s no fear of developing lingering issues which can reduce your quality of life. It’s a great preventative tool which can make it easier to stay mobile, helping the body work as it should so pain and inflammation doesn’t get in the way of a heathy lifestyle.

We recommend taking Flexitrinol to help stabilize your joint health and to keep pesky issues from destabilizing your life. We liked it for its natural formula, great consumer reviews, and straightforward approach, easy to understand explanation as to how it works, and the great ingredients added which can help deliver multiple benefits.

Read more on what Flexitrinol can offer by clicking on this link; it has their official website with great testimonials and an explanation of how it works.

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Move your joints more ,some extra move men’s with your joints is very helpful. I am seven five, I keep my joints moving , swimming, walking, . I work at it, eat good food,no sugar and junk. I know I will reach 100. I can not remember being sick in the last 30 or 40 years. So good luck to me and all the seniors enjoying a long life.

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My wife has jaw joint pain diagnosed as deterioration of cartlige causing bone against bone. Will anything restote the cartilage?

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Which one is recommended for Rhumatoid arthritis. I need help for pain, ibuprofen 800mg worked great until it gave me an ulcer. Something comparable.

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Too much vitamin e can be dangerous.
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