Diets Reviews

Positive Changes Review

What is it? Positive Changes is a behavioral modification service for people looking to lose weight and change habits. By doing the company’s hypnosis they claim to help you make better dietary choices. Their official website mentions how they’ve now … Continue reading

Go Cleanse Review

 What is it? Go Cleanse is a weight loss detox formula blend that claims it can increase metabolism and energy. It’s available in both a liquid and powdered form and is claimed to give nourishment to the liver and improve … Continue reading

Military Diet Review

What is it? The Military Diet is a weight loss diet lasting 3 days which claims you can lose up to 10 pounds each week. There are very specific recommendations on what kinds of foods are allowed, which includes a … Continue reading

Super Shred Diet Review

What is it? The Super Shred Diet is a weight loss diet claiming to offer 20 pounds of weight loss in 4 weeks. It’s said to be a quick and easy plan that can be followed whether at home, on … Continue reading

Lemon Juice Diet Review

What is it? The Lemon Juice Diet is a weight loss detox plan that claims to be a safe and nutritious way to promote overall health. Although similar to the popular fad diet Master Cleanse, Lemon Juice Diet claims it’s … Continue reading

Nopalea Review

What is it? Nopalea is a super fruit wellness drink made to lower inflammation and provide powerful nutrients.  It contains antioxidants from a prickly pear cactus found in the Sonoran desert in Mexico. The way this cactus is processed is … Continue reading

SkinnyMint Review

What is it? SkinnyMint is a weight loss tea brand used to help detox the body, provide energy, and produce fat loss without dieting. It’s made with natural ingredients, and it’s claimed to be a great tasting and effective blend … Continue reading

Smooth Move Tea Review

 What is it? Smooth Move Tea is a blend of natural herbal ingredients meant to relieve constipation. It can be drunk either hot or cold, and it’s claimed to produce results within 6 to 12 hours. It’s meant to be … Continue reading

Slim Tea Review

 What is it? Slim Tea is a weight loss drink that’s meant to improve digestion, detox the body, boost metabolism and burn fat. It’s claimed to have been sold over 2 million different times to different distributes and customers. There … Continue reading

Slim 4 Life Review

What is it? Slim 4 Life is a weight loss diet plan that provides diet pills, eating habit advice, counseling, and suggests grocery foods one should be eating. There are centers across the US in Missouri, Florida, Texas, and Kansas, … Continue reading

Sweet Sweat Review

 What is it? Sweet Sweat is a performance enhancer used to help increase sweating and circulation for calorie burning.  It’s advised to take this topical gel before a workout, and it’s said to have no harmful side effects. The intended … Continue reading