Diets Reviews

Peanut Butter Diet Review

What is it? The Peanut Butter Diet is a weight loss plan offered for both men and women to enjoy peanut butter on a daily basis. The idea behind this diet is to help people get a healthy source of … Continue reading

Beyond Diet Review

What is it? The Beyond Diet is a weight loss plan that claims to be supported by over 700 different studies. It offers meal plans, coaching, tools, shopping lists, recipes for fat burning meals, and an online community. There is … Continue reading

The Warrior Diet Review

What is it? The Warrior Diet is a weight loss diet that emphasizes fasting during the day and eating just one meal during one’s off hours. It’s intended to mimic the way our ancestors ate to help provide maximum health … Continue reading

Low Cholesterol Diet Review

What is it? The Low Cholesterol Diet is a way of eating to help reduce high cholesterol which is linked to stroke, heart attack, or other complications. There isn’t one specific diet that outlines this plan, as many have written … Continue reading

Skinny Bunny Tea Review

What is it? Skinny Bunny Tea is a weight loss tea blend that claims it can revitalize, energize, rejuvenate, and reduce fatigue. There are2 versions, an AM caffeine versions and a PM caffeine free varieties. Flavors like matcha green tea, … Continue reading

Flat Tummy Tea Review

What is it? Flat Tummy Tea is a weight loss tea blend that is meant to detoxify the body gently. It’s also suggested to help reduce bloating and the appearance of a large stomach. It’s also said to help boost … Continue reading

Gluten Free Diet Review

 What is it?  The Gluten Free Diet is a way of eating often practiced by people with an allergy to gluten or those looking to lose weight. People sensitive to gluten will often have inflammation and issues in the small … Continue reading

3 Day Diet Review

 What is it? The 3 Day Diet is a short lasting weight loss diet that claims one can lose 10 pounds in a week. It’s essentially a low-calorie diet that consists of three breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It’s also suggested … Continue reading

Detox Diet Review

What is it?  A Detox Diet is a way to help flush out toxins from the body to improve overall health. There are many versions of this diet, and it often requires people to eat a limited amount of certain foods … Continue reading

It Works! Review

What is it? It Works! is a line of products for weight loss offered via supplements, wraps, cleansers and a greens drink. The combination of all these is intended to provide well-rounded weight loss benefits. This system provides a cleanser to … Continue reading

Mancore Review

What is it? Mancore is a comprehensive diet pill brand made to boost testosterone, burn fat, retain muscle, and promote testosterone. It’s made exclusively for men who are struggling with low testosterone and obesity. Claimed benefits include more energy, enhanced metabolism, … Continue reading