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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Shaping Up for a Healthy Pregnancy

If Alessandra Ambrosio‘s baby bump is five months along, then she was barely in her second trimester when she did the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November. It may have been the biggest secret of the night, as Ambrosio admits she told no one about her second pregnancy. The supermodel showed off her new bump while modeling this past weekend in San Paulo, Brazil.

We praised her pre-runway diet as she prepared for the lingerie brand’s annual televised fashion show. She doesn’t skip meals, indulges her cravings sometimes, and gets plenty of exercise. All of this is advisable for any woman, but these habits get top marks for a pregnant woman.

During her first pregnancy, with now 3-year-old daughter Anja, she apparently allowed herself to indulge quite a bit. Her trainer Leandro Carvalho said, at the time, that Ambrosio “had to pay the price” after enjoying too much Brazilian food and ice cream. She was ready for the 2023 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just three months after giving birth. How so? She used Carvalho’s Brazilian Buttlift workout, a fitness DVD program you can do at home that uses techniques like squats, lunges, ballet and the Brazilian fighting style capoeira. (more…)

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Diet is Actually Worthy of Modeling [VIDEO]

Go right ahead and model your diet after Alessandra Ambrosio’s, the wildly popular and gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. That’s not the same thing we said about Adriana Lima’s diet a few months ago before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which, to put it nicely, was dangerous and unhealthy.

The leggy Brazilian super model, standing 5’10” and weighing about 110 pounds, practices what any dietitian worth her low-sodium salt would advise: don’t skip meals, moderately indulge your cravings, enjoy healthy snacks between meals, and exercise. Super model or not, this is stuff we should all be doing. We can’t promise you’ll wind up in a lingerie catalog, but we can promise you’ll eventually feel like you belong there.

Alessandra likes to start her day with eggs, a quality protein that she’ll take scrambled, poached or benny’d (eggs benedict to be exact). She’s not afraid to add healthy carbs like toast or fruit on the side. (more…)