Alessandra Ambrosio’s Diet is Actually Worthy of Modeling [VIDEO]

Go right ahead and model your diet after Alessandra Ambrosio’s, the wildly popular and gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. That’s not the same thing we said about Adriana Lima’s diet a few months ago before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which, to put it nicely, was dangerous and unhealthy.

The leggy Brazilian super model, standing 5’10” and weighing about 110 pounds, practices what any dietitian worth her low-sodium salt would advise: don’t skip meals, moderately indulge your cravings, enjoy healthy snacks between meals, and exercise. Super model or not, this is stuff we should all be doing. We can’t promise you’ll wind up in a lingerie catalog, but we can promise you’ll eventually feel like you belong there.

Alessandra likes to start her day with eggs, a quality protein that she’ll take scrambled, poached or benny’d (eggs benedict to be exact). She’s not afraid to add healthy carbs like toast or fruit on the side.

Her lunches are also simple and healthy, but vary based on her schedule. The foods available from craft service at a photoshoot are usually worthy of skipping, but Alessandra fuels with at least fresh fruit. She’s also a fan of Japanese takeout and can be found ordering miso soup and spicy tuna rolls.

While dining out regularly can be a slippery slope, and it’s usually advisable to avoid it, this seems to be a common practice of Alessandra’s for dinner.

All of this boils down to counting calories, minding portions, and practicing moderation. You can have too much of the good stuff, and you can definitely have too much of the bad stuff. Shaving 500 calories a day off of what you’re currently eating will result in a deficit of 3500 calories, or one pound, by the end of a week. Leave room for healthy snacks though, as a simple 100-calorie snack between meals can mean the difference between reaching your goal and shoving your ravished face in to a bag of vending machine treats.

For fitness, Alessandra told ELLE Magazine, in the video below, that she practices yoga throughout the year. And then, a month before the big fashion show, she works with her trainer in a routine that’s all about abs, butt, squats, lunges, ankle weights “because Brazilians always worry about their butts. That’s one thing I want to make sure is perfect on the runway.”

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