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NBA Basketball Stars’ Workouts, Including Kevin Durant and Lebron James

While football teams are bulked out with the biggest and toughest guys around, basketball teams are stocked with lean, mean, jumping machines. Speed, agility, balance, and even a nice long jump are all key to running up the score board. You don’t get that from resting on your laurels or your hind end, and any NBA player worth his salt spends as much time in the gym as they do on the hardwood.

As we’re in the thick of basketball season, and New Year’s resolution season is creeping up on us, we thought some of you might find inspiration in the fitness regimens of your favorite star players. Basketball season may have a definitive start and finish date, but players like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony know that’s when they build most of their strength, improve their balance, and even bulk up a bit.

Click here to see how these stars, as well as Lebron James, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard workout.

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Olympians and Facebook Challenge You to Get Fit with HealthyShare

Want to train like an Olympian? Or would you simply like to start smaller and get off of the couch more often? Either way, Facebook is ready to make that happen for you.

HealthyShare, a free fitness app from GE and Facebook, was just announced this week. The tool will use the fitness knowledge of four Olympians to challenge everyday people to push themselves and challenge their friends.

HealthyShare will use the challenges set by Olympians Kevin Durant (basketball), Alex Morgan (women’s soccer), gold medalist Michael Johnson (men’s track and field), and gold medalist Summer Sanders (women’s swimming). App users of all fitness levels will be challenged to Olympic Games-styled workouts from the athletes. (more…)

Kevin Durant’s Fitness Focus is as Likeable as His Player Persona

Whether or not you’re a fan of basketball, or even Oklahoma City, it was hard not to Thunder Up last night. This newer franchise in the NBA has stormed the playoffs, and after last night’s win over the Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder is headed to the NBA finals.

Kevin Durant has become a face for the team and he’s becoming a super star on the court. He’s young, only 23, and a towering 6′ 9″ tall. He’s not big and he’s not bulky but he’s a fit and powerful player.

In recent seasons he’s put more emphasis on strength training, which has made him an even stronger player. He told Men’s Fitness that “Eating right and lifting three or four times a week will give me the extra push,” he needs to succeed, and said that he’s more aware of his training throughout the entire season rather than just what he does in the off season. Durant’s strength routine is said to involve weights, use of an Airex pad, TRX and moves like lunges.

Improving his balance has also been fundamental for Durant, so he works out on unstable surfaces, like the Airex pad. At home, you could use a BOSU ball. (more…)