Olympians and Facebook Challenge You to Get Fit with HealthyShare

Want to train like an Olympian? Or would you simply like to start smaller and get off of the couch more often? Either way, Facebook is ready to make that happen for you.

HealthyShare, a free fitness app from GE and Facebook, was just announced this week. The tool will use the fitness knowledge of four Olympians to challenge everyday people to push themselves and challenge their friends.

HealthyShare will use the challenges set by Olympians Kevin Durant (basketball), Alex Morgan (women’s soccer), gold medalist Michael Johnson (men’s track and field), and gold medalist Summer Sanders (women’s swimming). App users of all fitness levels will be challenged to Olympic Games-styled workouts from the athletes.

Obviously each athlete has a different workout routine and the challeges will come in that form. For example, one of Durant’s workouts includes sprinting and push-ups. Some of Sanders’ challenges include completing 20-40 minutes of cardio, tricep lifts, and lots of swimming.

After a user takes on one of these challenges, they can update their HealthyShare status and share it with all of their Facebook friends. If they were taking on one of Johnson’s challenges their status might read, “Just did a 5 mile run with Michael Johnson.” Or, “Just completed 30 push-ups a la Durant.” In addition to posting the status, users can tag their friends and challenge them to the same feat.

The app will generate a leader board and a great way to get a healthy competition brewing this summer. Along with the fitness posts, the app has “Eat Healthier” and “Get Moving” challenges as well. If you take the challenge to swap your soda for a water or to take the stairs instead of the elevator you can post that in HealthyShare and dare others to do the same.

If you need a fun shake-up to your workout routine or you simply need to be spurred to start one, it looks like there are a few Olympians ready to double-dog dare you to get off that couch this summer!

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