NBA Basketball Stars’ Workouts, Including Kevin Durant and Lebron James

While football teams are bulked out with the biggest and toughest guys around, basketball teams are stocked with lean, mean, jumping machines. Speed, agility, balance, and even a nice long jump are all key to running up the score board. You don’t get that from resting on your laurels or your hind end, and any NBA player worth his salt spends as much time in the gym as they do on the hardwood.

As we’re in the thick of basketball season, and New Year’s resolution season is creeping up on us, we thought some of you might find inspiration in the fitness regimens of your favorite star players. Basketball season may have a definitive start and finish date, but players like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony know that’s when they build most of their strength, improve their balance, and even bulk up a bit.

Click here to see how these stars, as well as Lebron James, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard workout.

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