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The Biggest Loser Marathon in the Season 10 Episode 12 Recap

Ohhhh it’s the final four, marathon week, and more!

Everyone heads home for their “reveals.” Let me tell you, it is so weird to sit in that car and wait to reveal your new self to your family and friends. I am sure it is much different when you are going home as a final four than when you go home “eliminated,” but I think no matter how you get home it’s completely nerve-wrecking! (more…)

Who Will Win Biggest Loser Season 9?

biggest loser 9The premiere episode of Biggest Loser season nine is in the books and we’ve had a chance to meet the 22 new faces. First impressions are everything, so made the greatest impression on you tonight?

Tell us who you think will take their weight loss journey all the way to the finale to be crowned the newest Biggest Loser, following in the foot steps of Danny Cahill, Ali Vincent, Bill Germanakos, and many others.

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Vote for the Biggest Loser Finalist – Ron or Mike?

biggest-loser-ron-and-mikeOnce again, Biggest Loser is leaving the fate of its contestants in your hands America. Tara and Helen secured their positions as finalists tonight, but the third finalist is yet to be named. It’s a “worst case scenario” for father-son team Ron and Mike, as they fell below the yellow line together. One will go on to compete for the coveted Biggest Loser title and the $250,000 prize, while the other vies for the $100,000 at-home prize.

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Which Meal Plan Would You Try?

With so many options out there – Which of the main meal delivery diet plans are you most likely to try?

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