Vote for the Biggest Loser Finalist – Ron or Mike?

biggest-loser-ron-and-mikeOnce again, Biggest Loser is leaving the fate of its contestants in your hands America. Tara and Helen secured their positions as finalists tonight, but the third finalist is yet to be named. It’s a “worst case scenario” for father-son team Ron and Mike, as they fell below the yellow line together. One will go on to compete for the coveted Biggest Loser title and the $250,000 prize, while the other vies for the $100,000 at-home prize.

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After you’ve voted here, make your vote count at NBC, where you can vote up to 10 times online and three times by phone.

The results will be revealed during the three-hour live finale Tuesday, May 12. Coleen and I will be there covering the event and will have interviews from the finale stage with the newest winner!

56 Responses to Vote for the Biggest Loser Finalist – Ron or Mike?

Ron i crierd when you finished .and you are some one i look up to i have 35lb i need to lose and i dont no were to start .could you help me Darleen

I love both Ron and Mike, but I got to say, Ron has got to be such an inspiration to people who say, “I can’t lose weight!”

Pete says:

Ron has done very well, but Mike has done better.

lisa says:

VOTE FOR MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi P says:

Part of me wants to vote for Ron because I don’t think he has a lot more weight to lose until he gets rid of some of that skin However I can’t STAND the thought of him winning after all the nonsense he pulled this season.

Go Mike!

Patsy A, TX says:

These two have totally inspired me to be a healthier person. Keep on rockin guys, yall have already won! Ron you make me tear up and choke up everytime I see your determination, you are amazing!

Manion says:

I was gonna vote for Ron until he begged everyone on TV last nite to vote for his son. They have both done amazingly well but Ron really inspired me.

bb says:


randomchick says:

screew ron, i would love for mike to win but am rooting against him because of his selfish life ruining father. Helen- let her fat daughter go home so she could get skinny.. she is selfish..

samantha says:

I thought it was a game, Mike is great and I am glad he got to almost finish this with his dad, He is an inspiration and I hope he takes it all!!!!!!!

Kay says:

I am voting for Mike, because of Mike. Not for anything his father has said or done. Mike is a nice guy. He gave away all those groceries to a teammate. How unselfish. How could anyone with any kind of conscience vote against him because they dislike his father?

Tami says:

Ron manipulated the whole house. Now he thinks he can manipulate America. I voted for Ron because I am not going to be swayed by his BS. I likede them both until they lied and got decietful. Vote for Ron to stay because he will lose, there is no chance he will win, and it will keep his evil plan from coming true.

evelyn says:

Part of me wants to vote for Ron because I don’t think he has a lot more weight to lose until he gets rid of some of that skin However I can’t STAND the thought of him winning after all the nonsense he pulled this season.

Ker says:

I agree with randomchick! Helen and ron are selfish! Helen your daughter needed it more then YOU! Ron you are just mean! GO TARA!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Kay says:

Ron is a mean-spirited, conniving man; his son Mike deserves to be voted as a finalist.

Wanda says:

Ron I love you and Mike But I think Mike has a better chance of winning, keep up the good job Ron and good luck Mike

Jeanne says:

Please don’t sabotage Mike to spite his father. That’s not right. They are two separate people and Mike has worked very hard and has shown that he is a giving person.

Don’t punish the kid because of his dad. He’s come so far. Think about what you are doing.

Amy says:

I don’t think Ron was doing anything more than playing the game. There is nothing wrong with that. I believe both these guys have done an amazing job and have lost an incredible amount of weight but I have to say Mike really deserves to get into the final 3. Overall he showed a lot of integrity on the show. A year’s worth of groceries is a ton!

wanda says:

I think Helen should have gone home when she was up for
elimination after what she did to Tera by eating the cooky
after Tera woked so hard to win the money.

MF says:

I say vote for Ron so that way Tarar has a better chance at winning. She so much deserves this more than anyone. She has worked so hard and has never let it get to her head. Go Tara. Best of luck.

meg says:

I have not watched Biggest Loser this time around after last year’s debacle of Heba, Ed, Vicky and Brady, whom I thought were all nasty people. Now I see that some folks are using words like conniving, manipulative, deceitful and liar to describe some of this year’s contestants too. I’m glad I did not watch this year. I think the show should totally revamp itself or take a break for a while.

olivia j says:

mike all the wayyyy!! hes done soo good for being 378ish pounds at 18 he rocks VOTE FOR MIKE!

EMM says:

Mike got a little over confident, but there is no question that he belongs in the finale. He is a great guy and has worked with all his heart.

jamie says:


This season was nothing like last season. The people were nice and there was nobody like Heba or Vicki. I didn’t see any manipulation, but then again I am not very good at spotting it if it is subtle. Anyway, this year was much more possitive than last year. Each of the final four deserve to be there. I really want Mike to win but if Tara or Helen win I would have no problem with that becasue they all deserve it.

JC says:

Mike, We love your smile, you are the winner we hope. Even if you don’t win, don’t be disappointed and fall off the wagon, your brother needs you tooooo, bad,stick with the program forever.

Donna says:

Go MIke you have done so well

dar says:

How can a Mom be SO selfish – Helen – her daughter needed to lose the weight more than you. She is younger and has a whole life ahead of her. ANYONE but Helen.

Marty says:

Hi Ron and Mike! My name is Marty and I live in Baltimore, MD. I’ve always been a Biggest Loser show fan. You two guys have inspired me a lot. Ron, when you finished that full marathon and even that half-marathon, I cried. I’m only 29 years old. We’ve obviously never met but you’re like a second father to me and Mike is like a younger brother to me. You and Mike finishing that full marathon and that half-marathon has inspired me a lot in my own life in many different ways, especially you Ron. I’ve never even done a half marathon myself let alone a full marathon. I watched both your confessions about why or why not you should be a finalist in the final three at the finale next week. Ron, I always prefer to honor someone’s else’s wishes. Therefore, since you want us in America to vote for your son to be in the finale, I will vote for Mike. I think it’s actually much better that Mike be a finalist because he could win the $250,000 prize and the title of the Biggest Loser for season 7 and you, Ron, could win the $100,000 at-home prize and the at-home title of the Biggest Loser for season 7. That way, you guys could walk away with two titles and a combined prize total of $350,000. Other family members in the past have won the show together, such as Bill and Jim from season 4. I look forward to seeing you two guys and the rest of the season’s cast at the finale next week. Mike, if you could get down to at least 190lbs. (214 – 190 = 24lbs. – over a 50% weight loss), you should be able to win. Ron, if you could get down to 210lbs. (279 – 69 = 210lbs. – over a 50% weight loss), you should be able to win too. I’m 5’11” and I weigh 199lbs. My heaviest weight was 235lbs. until I got a handle on it. I have 9 pounds of fat left to lose to reach my healthy weight goal. I want to stay in the weight range of 190lbs. – 199lbs. Mike, good luck at college man! When I was in college, I was overweight and slightly obese for a while. My weight problem in college caused me to miss out on a lot of things, such as participating in college sports, dating more college girls, getting more out of fraternity life, getting better grades in class, etc. I’ll be rooting for you two at the finale. Make Tara and Helen’s jaws drop when they see you two. I like Tara and Helen but I think you guys could win it. Ron and Mike, keep letting Max know he can realize the same weight loss success as you two have accomplished! It just takes a lot of hard work and discipline day in and day out. If you two ever want to get and stay in contact with me, my e-mail address is . Good luck guys! – Marty

Team Mike says:

TARA really is getting on my nerves. She thinks she’s all that. What she has is not confidence but BIG EGO. Why do you have to get mad in the beginning of the season when Helen add few mins to your time with the battle you and Sione by eating a cookie? It’s because you started acting like a biotch that’s why! You lost the $10,000 because of YOU!! That just shows your nasty personality from start. After that, you changed your game plans and be nice to everyone and cry when they say something touching. OH PLeaseeee..

Marty says:

Hi Ron and Mike! I didn’t know online voting was only open for about 24 hours after Tuesday’s show. Actually, I thought online voting was going to be open at least for a few days. I just found out online at I was going to vote for you Mike. I voted for Mark in season 5 and Ed in season 6. Still, I think the votes already cast in will be in your favor Mike. Good luck guys! – Marty

Nora says:

Hi Ron and Mike good luck on Tuesday.

Martha says:

Mike you have been doing so well I think you need to go to the finals you still have your whole life ahead of you your dad has a bad leg and arm and can’t go as fast as you. You deserve this your dad has already done his part he proved that for a man his age look how far he came he mightve had a bad knee and leg but he kept on going and he did it now it’s your turn to show that even a teenager can accomplish something so go on and show america you can do it Go MIKE !!!

Martha says:

Mike many teenagers are watching. They need you to inspire them. Obesity among our young is serious. You are a great example. Go Mike!!!!!!!

gee whiz says:

Still up in the air as for whom should get it, but one learns what the parent teaches and Ron taught lying, decite, and arrogance. It’s one thing to be the biggest loser, its another to say your gonna be the winner before it even starts. The pressure put on onesself to achieve that.. why… Just think it in your heart and head and it will happen. Gee Mike what if you werent one of the final four standing. How much the fool then? When all is said and done. I hope those two are put out to dry. I see them gaining again like the others.

Chickadee16 says:

I believe in this game – I believe that it is teaching us about the game of life and getting fit and has had an effect all over America. Why it may be good game-playing, ultimately this game is for the individual person completing and competing. I don’t buy asking America to sway votes over to Mike in order for Mike to get to the third spot on finalists – but that’s Ron for you, putting Mike first and encouraging him. Where did Mike say, hey, vote for my dad, he’s such an inspiration!?! I voted for Ron because RON against great odds completed his marathon without giving up. I voted for RON because ultimately this is about completing this journey for yourself. I voted for Ron because in spite of the egos and the struggles in past shows, it is finally his determination and steely-eyed look that said this is worth my LIFE to complete this marathon – and he’s right. Being overweight is affecting my life and always has, and I have started my own marathon to change my life. Thanks, Ron, for that demonstration of courage. Keep up the good work.

maranda says:

go ron! i know you can win

chloe says:

go ron go!!!!!

Sharon says:

While I believe that Mike has been an inspiration for the younger set, I believe that there has been a good deal of manipulation and mean-spiritedness on this season’s shows. A lot of people mentioned Helen and her mean spirited way when it came to her treatment of her daughter as well as her little ploy aimed at Tara and I agree whole-heartedly. There also were a lot of nasty comments that came from Kristin, and I was glad to see her voted off, but the most damaging things, I think, came from Ron and Mike, because on week 16 when Kristin fell below the yellow line and Ron promised her he would NEVER write her name on that card, he went right to Mike’s room and made sure that Mike WAS going to write her name in. I just wonder when she actually sees the tape from that episode if she will still be grateful to Ron for not writing her name down on that card! I know that Mike did a wonderful thing by donating the groceries to the single mom, but it seemed to me that he got a bit cocky when he said on the air that he believed he had the game won. If Mike goes in as the last person to vie for the $100,000, I believe that he might win more than if he is voted in to be the third contestant, because I think that overall, Tara has lost the most percentage-wise of the three. As some have said, Tara is the only one on that show who has been open and honest and has never been mean-spirited or manipulative in getting to where she is. I do believe that she has the right to be the winner, and that is who I would hope to see as the winner of this season’s grand prize.

SethMc says:

I think Mike and Tara have a better chance of winning than Ron and Helen. Go Mike! Go Tara!

Marylou says:


Helen is a whining, lieing, back-stabbing bioch… I mean come on “she loves Tara and Laura like they are her own daughters”.. my recollection is she voted her daughter off the show! Weird show of love!!!

Ron was up there in my book until he baldface lied to Kristen. He did vote for her but ONLY because he made such a huge deal out of the Samoans and their vote against him a couple weeks before. BUT when he advised Mikie to vote against Kristen.. he was OUT of my favs.

Mikie…. I’m proud of him BUT Tara deserves to win because of her integrity and accomplishments!!!

Hagfan says:

I voted for Ron because he was such a crybaby from the start. “I need to stay on the show for my son”, every week when he fell below the line. So they felt sorry for him and kept him, then yes he stayed on for his son, lying right to people’s faces then back stabbling him, so I voted for him to stay on like he cried and begged to do. Serves him right if Mike gets voted off because of his tactics. I like Mike, but …., It is a game

Lisa Knight says:

My husband and I want Tara to win. She sure deserves it. She has work really hard. I wish she could comeover and work out with me. I think she deserves it more than anyone and even if she don’t win the biggest loser, she is still a winner in my eyes. I will pray for you Tara. Mike and Ron are mean people and they will back stab anyone just to win the game and Helen should of let her daughter stay, her daughter needed to lose more weight. So I think out of the four Tara is the best. GO TARA.

Anonymous says:

i don’t like tara…….go mike !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

go mike!!!!!!!!!!

Danielt104 says:

Helen was a ** to her daughter by making her leave. Ron lied the whole game, and Tara was just a ** the whole time. Mike is the best person on that whole game. He is nice to everyone, he isn’t selfish, and he acctually cares about people. He is the only one who diserved to win even from week 1. By the way, the comments I read about why people are going to vote for Ron so he would be upset because Mike wouldn’t make it, just think for a minute. Mike doesn’t diserve to be punished because of what his father did. He is the only person who diserves to be in the Fanile. So don’t kick Mike off just to piss Ron off. That’s really rude.

Danielt104 says:

By the way, I doubt Ron would make it, because there is no way Ron would win. If you vote for Ron your just a selfish ** punishing Mike. Mike didn’t do **! What the hell guys?!? What the hell?

anonymous says:

I kinda want mike to be in the finale, but i also want Tara to win it all?!?! I voted for Mike to be in the finale, but i’m fine with whatever happens.

anonymous says:

i don’t know who i want? anyone know what i should do?

Danielt104 says:

Mike lost…Helen won…I want all the time I wasted watching this season back! I am MAD! -.- Helen you may have won but your daughter shouldve won if anyone, but no you had to take the money yourself your selfish bitch. If you ever hear this Im just letting you know your a failure.

Anon. says:

OMG. I am SO ! I’ve HATED Helen since the start. She’s an old, selfish, of a hag. What kind of mother kicks her own daughter off?! Helen, if you read this, just know this: you’re a failure to MILLIONS of us.

Mike and Tara, I love you guys to death. You’re winners in life. Helen is not.

boo says:

helen went anorexic

JohnnyJenkem says:

I should have voted for Ron then Mike would have at least won the $100K!

anonymous says:


LBLF says:

well now helen still did an amazin job completly transforming her life. I was personaly rooting for Tara, but you have to admitt every one of them did an incredible job! What i think is funny is that every women who ever won the show was on the pink team! That is just STRANGE!

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