The Biggest Loser Marathon in the Season 10 Episode 12 Recap

Ohhhh it’s the final four, marathon week, and more!

Everyone heads home for their “reveals.” Let me tell you, it is so weird to sit in that car and wait to reveal your new self to your family and friends. I am sure it is much different when you are going home as a final four than when you go home “eliminated,” but I think no matter how you get home it’s completely nerve-wrecking!

I think it’s awesome they got the videos at home to show their progress, and what a keepsake to be able to look at your journey objectively. When you are going through the process it is happening so fast it’s hard to really see whats happening. Anytime they feel that gravitational pull of the world on their shoulders… trust me, it comes to all of us… like the pressure of America watching your dinner plate every day is crazy hard to deal with. They can pop in that video and remind themselves of who they were and who they are!

Wow! As a person who had done therapy, all I can say is Ada watching that video with her family had to have been one of the best therapeutic tools ever! So cathartic to say what she needed to say without having to “say it to them.” I think for many people out there you may think that her parents are mean or cold, but truly it is only what they know to do. So proud of ADA! You go girl! I sure hope Ada’s parents are able to continue to see how amazing the rest of us think she is!

I LOVE all of the people staring at Bob and Patrick in the back of the gym! HA! I tell people all the time no one is staring at you… but in this case.. they ARE! It doesn’t help when you have hottie Bob and a camera crew.

Before you all go getting irate about Ada or Elizabeth sharing their struggles (I heard some of that after Darius last season), many of you who are fighting the good fight know that no matter how successful you have been there is always a constant battle going on. Struggling is just part of the journey. When you share your weight loss in the view of all of America it only adds to the pressure. The safety of the ranch is gone, real world sets in, jobs, family , friends, feelings and anything else. What I love, though, is how real these two are being about it all. Almost every person out there who has lost weight had had a moment or many where they were “stuck,” so I think many can relate to what they are going through. We are all human and mistakes happen, but don’t let a mistake become a turn around!

They are starting to make marathons look easy! Every season they just seem to get better and better! That last part of the 26.2 miles in the sand is pure torture though, but they did it! Congrats! Great records were set and families finished together – that’s awesome! Way to go losers!

  • Ada: 4:38
  • Patrick: 5:45
  • Frado: 5:51
  • Elizabeth: 7:27

As for the weigh-in, I wasn’t surprised to see the final three be dominated by the guys, after all, this is season 10, right? So for those of you who may be confused out there… In TV land the constants go home after this weigh-in and have about two-three months to prepare for finale. So, when you see them next week, it hasn’t been a week, it’s actually been a few months. I get that question a lot so I wanted to clear that up. SO excited for finale next week!

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