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HealthBuzz October 12: Organic Companies Anti-Prop 37, Sarah Palin’s Diet, and Healthy Caramel Apple Recipes

We’re just hours away from the weekend! So that means it’s time for a dose of healthy news from DIR and our friends. This week’s headlines include a story about major organic companies funding against GMO labeling, a lunch lady told to stop making healthier food, and caramel apple-inspired recipes for fall.

Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue by Writing a Diet and Fitness Book

If you can’t get enough of Sarah Palin then you’ll want to pick up her diet and fitness book when (and if) it is for sale, which she announced is in the works. It will be interesting to read and hear about the things in her book because the former Alaskan governor once bashed the idea of serving healthy snacks in schools. Do you think people will take the book seriously? Tell us what you think!

Paul Ryan Would Leave Joe Biden in the Dust if Politics Was Gym Class

Thursday’s presidential debate probably left some questions relating to America’s future answered and others unanswered. So we were questioning who would win the election depending on who has the best physical fitness and personal diet? Take a look at Congressman Paul Ryan’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s fitness routine and diet habits and tell us what you think!

Major Organic Brands, Like Kashi and Naked, Funding Anti-GMO Labeling Campaigns

The vote for California’s Prop 37 is next month and if it is passed it will radically change the processed food industry. Many Californians and organic brands like Clif Bar, Annie’s and Uncle Matt’s are in favor of Prop 37. However, other organic brands like Kashi, Naked, and Silk are donating thousands-to-millions of dollars to fund anti-GMO labeling campaigns. Do you think the organic companies shouldn’t be donating against GMO labeling and practice what they preach? (more…)

David Zinczenko Leads the Charge at Men’s Health with Eat This, Not That Series

The man behind the Eat This, Not That series and editor at Men’s Health magazine is David Zinczenko. He was born of Ukrainian decent on December 13, 1969 in Pennsylvania and grew up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. At age 6, David’s parents divorced and from there he grew up with his mother for the remainder of his young life. As a child he was overweight and taunted by his brother for over-eating. By high school, David gained control of his weight and following graduation he entered the Naval Reserve. His military career sent him to Moravian College for his studies.

In 1991, David worked as an assistant editor at Men’s Journal. Just two years later he accepted a position as associate editor at Men’s Health. Then, in 2000, he made his biggest career move to editor-in-chief at Men’s Health, where he remains today.

The rising rate of obesity in America was a concern of David’s. He saw how many Americans’ misconception of food was detrimental to their health. He used his knowledge in health and fitness to launch his Eat This! Not That! book series. He helped people across America choose better food options ranging from similar Starbucks coffee to similar TV dinners at the grocery store. David’s success stems from his editorial positions and book collaborations with Matt Goulding. (more…)

Women’s Health September Features Zoe Saldana

Grab your September issue of Women’s Health to learn all about how Zoe Saldana keeps up with her strong and sexy bod in a completely uncensored interview.

This special issue of Women’s Health also includes the magazine’s fall style guide, just in time to help you look as great as the weather feels!

This “Hot Body” issue also includes tips for toning on a time budget, living longer just by making simple changes, and if you’ve got a few pounds left to lose learn how to reach your goal sooner.

Grab this copy of Women’s Health from your newsstand, or subscribe to Women’s Health and never miss an issue.

Healthy Happy Hour on The Today Show

today showTune into The Today Show on Thursday, September 15 for a great discussion on how to have a healthy happy hour. Not only is drinking in excess hard on your body (and liver), but it’s also a contributing factor to weight gain. One the other hand, having an occasional alcoholic drink may actually benefit your health.

Women’s Health magazine contributor Keri Glassman will appear on the show as a guest. She will weight in on how to make after-work drinks a healthy treat and not a calorie-fest. Glassman is a dietician who writes about food, drinks, diets and weight loss.


Embarrassing Health Questions on The Today Show

Today Show logoTune in to The Today Show on Wednesday, August 17 to get answers to your most embarrassing health questions. There are some questions that it might seem awkward to ask your doctor, but they can be important too! Dr. Keri Peterson appears as a guest to answer some of these uncomfortable queries.

In addition to being a practicing physician, Dr. Keri Peterson is a contributing columnist at Women’s Health magazine. Each month, she answers reader’s questions in her column, “The Doctor Is In.” If you can’t watch Wednesday’s episode, you can find the doctor’s heart health advice and much more in the September issue of the magazine. Check your local listings for show times.


Fix Your Heart Before It Breaks on The Today Show

Today Show SunriseTune in to the Today show on Wednesday, August 10th for a special segment about keeping your heart healthy. Dr. Keri Peterson will be sharing some tips on how to prevent heart problems before they happen.

In addition to being a practicing physician, Dr. Keri Peterson is a contributing columnist at Women’s Health magazine. Each month, she answers reader’s questions in her column, “The Doctor Is In.” If you can’t watch Wednesday’s episode, you can find the doctor’s heart health advice in the September issue of the magazine. Check your local listings for show times.

Women’s Health is a great resource for recipe ideas, new ways to workout style tips, health treads and much more.

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Revive Your Resolutions on The Today Show

Today Show Sunrise LogoWe start the year with the best intentions: to eat better, to exercise more, to cut down on dessert, to lose weight. But six months later, those New Years resolutions all too often seem like a thing of the distant past.

Tune into The Today Show tomorrow, July 1st for great advice on how to revive your resolutions. Dr. Keri Peterson from Women’s Health magazine will show viewers why right now is a great time to start getting fit. It’s not to late to reach your fitness goals for 2024! This tips are sure to get you motivated. Women’s Health is a great resource for all thing fitness-related, from diets to workouts. Dr. Keri Peterson answers reader’s trickiest health questions in the monthly column, “The Doctor Is In.”


Win a Women’s Health Prize Pack and Make Yourself Worth the Splurge!

For women, it’s all too easy to let our health become something we splurge on, rather than a priority. This spring, we want you to splurge on yourself, and make sure you are at the top of all of your hectic to do lists! Healthier women are happier women and that means we’re able to give better care and attention to ourselves, our children, our careers, and all the other people and things that demand our time.

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Get Sexier Legs on The Early Show

Women's long legs, with high heels and black skirtTune in to The Early Show on CBS News tomorrow, April 7th for some tips on how to get better looking legs. Women’s Health Beauty Director Molly Nover-Baker will share some secrets to making your legs appear longer and smoother, plus tips on how to reduce stretch marks, minimize cellulite, erase age spots, and disguise veins.

Summer is just around the corner, and you may be looking for “a leg up” when it comes to getting ready for shorts, sun dresses and bathing suits. These fixes will help you feel ready to flaunt your legs by the time warm weather hits. Molly Nover-Baker is a beauty guru who’s got the insider’s scoop on how to make every bit of you feel both beautiful and healthy. The episode will feature tips that can also be found in the March edition of Women’s Health magazine, which features actress Emma Roberts as the cover girl.


Sleeping Disorders on Good Morning America

moring talk show logoTune in to Good Morning America tomorrow, March 31 for a discussion of sleep disorders. Fatigue and a lack of sleep have been linked to weight gain, so these tips may help you shed some pounds in addition to feeling more rested. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

Women’s Health magazine contributor Dr. Keri Peterson will be a guest on Thursday’s show to discuss insomnia and other sleep disorders. She’ll share some fast-acting tips to help you get a better night’s sleep, and thereby reduce your chances of a number of health risks.


An Introduction to The Women’s Health Diet

Women's Health Magazine Diet PlanIf you’re looking for a flexible, healthy and fun way to lose weight, then you may want to consider The Women’s Health Diet. Created by Stephen Perrine and Leah Flickinger, the editors of Women’s Health magazine, this weight loss program can be incorporated into almost any lifestyle.

Some diets claim promise to help you lose as much as a pound per day, but these programs tend to be extreme, unhealthy and unsustainable. The Women’s Health Diet can help you lose up to 15 pounds in six weeks, which is about the maximum for healthy weight loss.