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1 Pound A Day

1 Pound A Day

The authors of the popular diet, "21 Pounds in 21 Days," bring you a new detox diet.

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Roni DeLuz author of "21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox," brings you a new detox diet, "1 Pound A Day," with the help of James Hester. The authors of 1 Pound A Day challenges dieters to detox their body of manmade toxins. Signs of toxin overload could be indigestion, headaches, dull and brittle hair, skin problems, weak fingernails, fuzzy brain, bad breath, and fatigue.

The detox lasts for 30 days. No chewing is apart of the detox. Anything dieters consume will have to be in liquid forms. Dieters will consume at least 22 servings of fruits and vegetables in the form of soups, fresh juice, and supplements. The nutrients from the fruits and vegetables are suppose to cleanse the harmful toxins in out of your body.

Dieters have to follow three principles:

  1. Consuming maximum nutrition in small doses.
  2. Nourishing your body every two hours.
  3. Consuming all nutrients in liquid form.

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  • Real testimony from people are placed in the book to encourage dieters to finish the detox.
  • Food schedules for the day are provided to dieters.
  • Juices, soups, and supplements are high in nutrients.
  • Charts of vegetable and fruit nutritional benefits.
  • Following a strict diet.
  • Dieters are only eating from two food groups: fruits and vegetables.
  • Must juice every two hours
  • The first few weeks of the detox can take a toll on dieter's body.

The book offers recipes for different types of juice and soup diet concoctions. Dieters should only be consuming fruits, vegetables, and supplements full of nutrients.

Here are six samples of recipes Dr. DeLuz offers in the book: .

  1. Dr. Roni's Clove Nutmeg Tea
  2. Green Bean Juice
  3. Super 6
  4. Popeye Spanish Special
  5. The Green Machine
  6. Asian Spanish Soup
  • No specific exercise is associated with the diet.

"1 Pound A Day" is a juice detox for dieters. The authors do not mention losing a mass amount of weight, but if you are consuming nothing but fruits and vegetables for 30 days you are bound to lose weight. The book promotes detoxing the body of harmful toxins dieters come in contact with. Dieters have to follow a strict detox for 30 days. There is no chewing. Everything has to be consumed in liquid form. The authors says dieters will feel better than they have felt in years after the detox is complete.

Note that Roni DeLuz and James Hester are not medical physicians, psychologies, or pharmacist. Dr. DeLuz is a nurse, a lifestyle consultant, and has a PhD in natural health. "1 Pound A Day" is just a diet the authors believe will help better dieters' health. Consult a real medical professional before starting the detox.

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