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101 Optimal Life Foods

101 Optimal Life Foods

Heal common health ailments by introducing a healthier diet.

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Want to know what foods alleviate migraines or which two foods will provide you with a complete night's rest? Combining current research and age-old wisdom from around the world, David Grotto, R.D., L.D.N. explains how to improve every aspect of your health in 101 Optimal Life Foods, an informative and enlightening book for complete wellness.

From headaches to stomach ailments and from depression to insomnia, 101 Optimal Life Foods takes on 30 of the most common health conditions and shows you how to introduce healing through your diet. With delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes you'll learn about which foods can help combat the effects of aging skin and how to eat to get happy.

The book is organized into two parts: The specific health issues including what causes them, foods that aggravate them and what you can do about them naturally; and second, the recipes that make use of the powerhouse optimal foods in order to alleviate the health challenges.

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  • Proposes natural remedies to prevent and reduce the effects of common health problems
  • Written by a registered dietitian and health professional
  • Promoted by health experts, Dr. David Katz and Dr. Robert Kushner
  • Encourages the connection between diet and wellness
  • Promotes self-empowerment and making behavioral changes to improve health
  • Provides a sample meal plan for each condition
  • Recipes include nutrition facts
  • Not a diet per se
  • Does not include one organized list of the 101 optimal life foods
  • Health problems may still persist even after following the proposed dietary suggestions

101 Optimal Life Foods focuses on eating whole and fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, nuts, grains and proteins in order to improve your health.

The chapters are separated among 30 specific health ailments including everything from eczema to arthritis and from osteoporosis to infertility. For each ailment, you are provided with background information on what the condition is, the optimal life foods and optimal life supplements to treat it with, a three-day sample meal plan and Grotto's own lifestyle tips.

Recipes are included in the second section of the book and are categorized according to dish. Sample items for each of the categories include:

  • Beverages: Watermelon Soda, Cherry Zinger Smoothie and Apple Soy Chai Latte

  • Appetizers: Royal Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms and Rosemary Nuts

  • Soups: Winter Squash Soup with Roasted Seeds and Curried Banana Yam Soup

  • Salads: Barley Salad with Edamame and Mango Tango Tilapia Salad

  • Entrees: Irish Poached Salmon, Moroccan Vegetable Stew and Polenta Pizza

  • Breakfast: Raspberry Yogurt Muffins and Georgia Pecan Muesli

  • Desserts: Beanie Greenie Brownies and Pan-Cooked Apples and Pears

Each menu plan includes three meals and two snacks totaling about 2,000 calories per day. Each recipe includes its nutrition information. A snack can be added or taken away based upon your own nutritional and health needs.


While there is no one specific exercise plan included in 101 Optimal Life Foods, general fitness guidelines are provided for each of the 30 health ailments discussed in the book.


101 Optimal Life Foods is a simple yet effective health philosophy that encourages you to make improvements to your health by following a diet that is full of healthy and natural foods. By focusing on 30 common health ailments, you can learn how to prepare daily meals and snacks that have the healing power to improve those health conditions while also contributing to your overall wellness.

Author David Grotto, R.D., L.D.N., is a well-respected and learned nutrition expert. If you are looking for sound health and clinically-supported information that can help you heal through diet and lifestyle changes, look no further than 101 Optimal Life Foods.

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OC Food Diva


David Grotto, RD, LDN is a registered dietician with over 20 years of clinical experience to help you live a healthier life. In Section One of his book, he shows how to incorporate optimal foods for what ails you – skin, circulation, pain, nervous system, excretory system, bones, and vision. David shares some statistics of the problem or disorder. He defines the problem or disorder and talks about the optimal life foods, supplements, and triggers for the problem at hand. A 3-day meal plan of the optimal food for each problem/disorder is provided at the end. Some of the menu items have a preparation time. I would suggest trying the meal plans on a weekend when you have time to fully prepare the menu. Some items can be made ahead of time, but some need to be made and eaten right away due to the fresh fruit and vegetables that are included in the recipes.

I tried 5 recipes from the book and most are now keepers. Raw Kale Salad with Lemon-Honey Vinaigrette, Chicken Thighs with Red Wine, Dried Plums, and Garlic, Quinoa Pilaf with Currant and Turmeric, and Christine’s Baked Custard were my favorite.

posted Jan 20th, 2013 12:34 am

Greasy Joan


I purchased this book thinking (in error) that it would be a comprehensive listing of healthy foods. Instead of a list, there's a group of illnesses and the kinds of food that would be good for each one.

It's fine if you want to try food geared towards constipation and the common cold. But no mention of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease means this book is superficial in scope. Poorly organized.

posted Aug 24th, 2011 11:46 am



it is true that some foods stop inflammation and liquids have direct effects on migraines especially since hydration is so important.

posted Apr 24th, 2011 8:29 pm



I dont buy it. Sure eating healthy can help but cure actual ailments I dont know.

posted Apr 24th, 2011 6:41 pm


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