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5-Hour Energy Shots

5-Hour Energy Shots

The number one selling energy product in the country.

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You have probably seen them at the check-out counter of your local convenience store or gas station. The brightly-colored small shot-sized bottles of 5-Hour Energy are hard to miss. They promise to deliver five hours of sustained energy without the crash characteristic of most stimulant drinks.

With zero carbs, four calories and zero herbal stimulants, 5-Hour Energy shots are quite different than other energy drinks because their deliver their energy-boosting punch in just a small two-ounce bottle in comparison to a 12 or 16 ounce serving.

5-Hour Energy shots pack B-vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee in one single serving. The amount of B vitamins is extremely high: 2000 percent for vitamin B6 and 8333 percent for vitamin B12.

They come in regular strength, extra strength and decaffeinated versions. The flavors for the regular strength include lemon-lime, orange, berry, grape and pomegranate. The decaf and extra strength versions currently only come in one flavor.

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  • Does not contain herbal stimulants
  • Concentrated form delivers energy-boosting results in a small serving size
  • May cause jittery side effects
  • Serving size and dosage guidelines may not be followed appropriately
  • No age restrictions on purchasing product
  • May experience a niacin flush due to the high niacin content
  • No clear information on just how much caffeine it contains
  • Very large quantities of B vitamins raise some concerns among health experts and consumers

5-Hour Energy shots contains vitamins B12, B6, B3, and B9, citicoline, phenylalanine, taurine, tyrosine, malic Acid, glucuronolactone and caffeine.


The 5-Hour Energy shots for both Regular and Extra Strength only recommend that you drink half of a bottle (or one ounce) to start with for a moderate energy boost. In addition, the label strongly discourages consuming two bottles in a 24-hour period.


There are no diet and exercise guidelines.


5-Hour Energy shots are one of the most popular stimulant drinks on the market. With its small portion size but its powerful energy enhancing effects, 5-Hour Energy shots promise that its crash-free formula will leave you feeling energized but not jittery.

While stimulant drinks like 5-Hour Energy shots can be found practically anywhere, health and medical experts strongly caution against consuming them because of their potential for overdose, which can cause a series of side effects, some of which may be dangerous.

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After drinking 1/2 to one whole 5 hr energy a day before my workouts, my B12 was sky high on a blood test. (Off the medical charts high). Also gave me a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. After stopping for a month, B12 dropped back to normal. According to doctors, the bad taste will take a year to go away ( yuck!). I did like how well my workouts went and how much energy I had, but I really want this bad taste to subside. No more 5 hour energy for me!

posted Mar 10th, 2016 12:49 am



1) STORAGE: keep it in the fridge for better taste

2) WHEN TO DRINK: be careful if you take it in the PM, as for some its effects last way beyond 5 hours. In my case, it often lasts 10 hours or more of extreme alertness and it keeps me up at night with insomnia.

3) DIETING: if you're on a low-carb diet (atkins or dukan), it may reduce drastically its effects, because Caffeine actually aggregates with carbs to provide energy to the muscles. Thus if there's no carb in your system, the caffeine is kind of pointless. Caffeine still work a little with proteines, but not as much as with carbs.

4) B-VITAMINS ISSUE: because of the high levels of B6 and B12, while they claim excess is expelled through urine anyway, you'd better drink LOTS of water. Otherwise, the B6 and B12 will not be expelled and stay in your system, and it can be dangerous. So drink a lot.

CONCLUSION: overall the best Energy Drink out there, as it doesn't contain sugar and a reasonable dose of caffeine. Yet, be careful when taking it, and preferably don't take more than one bottle a day.

posted Dec 15th, 2011 12:13 am


have been seeing these a lot of tv and in stores and I wonder if its a physical energ y working out and weight loss of more of a jittery mental thing. I dont like coffe ps.

posted Sep 23rd, 2011 4:51 pm



I DO like it, after I reach my amount of calories for the day for me to lose weight 1200-1300..then I take it, used to take a whole bottle, but after reading a bunch of comments before I stumbled to this site, there were people that were drinking 2 bottles in a day WITH other caffeine!! Those people that did that ended up calling 911 (the peeps didn't die but they got pretty close to it and am sure that if they didn't get to an ambulance they would have)..it is to be used in 'moderation' folks, don't take a whole bottle unless you really need to, try taking half first, anyway after reading people saying they actually got a bit dizzy, actually happened to me the other day, been taking it for 5 days now With weight lost:) but now am going to do a half bottle instead... the dizziness lasted like 10 seconds if that. I don't use it for the energy I use it because I don't 'crave' anything or 'want' to eat..Instead I just want to see if I can keep playing with my kids (so yes, actually some energy I am using it for;) until it is time to go to bed AND it keeps me from 'snacking' during supper or taking off from my kids plates no matter how good the food is:) I used to have issues with that before..anyway, going to 'diet' with the stuff for a few more days then going to let my body take a break and set my metabolism all over again with more calories than it is now used to, without the 5 Energy...Good Luck folks, and remember DO NOT , DO NOT, DO NOT take 2 bottles in a day.

posted Aug 22nd, 2011 3:53 pm



To the person who said it made them fat...IT did not make you fat YOU made you fat...

posted Jun 22nd, 2011 4:58 pm


Love 5 HED! I use these about 1PM on days where I have a great deal to accomplish. I even use them at the gym. I have never had any side effects or the niacin flush. Also, there is no crash. If you are drinking large amounts soda/Caffine and you have one of these you can expect a crash, but the crash will most likely be related to the sugar..

posted Mar 26th, 2011 12:11 pm

angry at 5energy



posted Feb 4th, 2011 3:58 pm

jimmy thunderhead

Anyone experience any negative side effects with 5-hour-energy? I've never tried it.

posted Jan 19th, 2011 5:25 am


i love 5 hour energy! it tastes pretty not fun (but is fine if you shake it with ice first) and it really works.
I would have to say I never feel like I have an abundance of energy; but I am not tired anymore after I take one. And i don't feel like my heart is going to explode like with Red Bull.

posted May 11th, 2010 6:16 pm


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