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Three supplements that promote nutrition and energy.

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Good health comes as a complete package. Natural energy, nutrition, immune system strength, and proper rest are all necessary for your total wellbeing.

Created by eight-time Olympian champion, Apolo Anton Ohno, 8zone is a diet and exercise plan designed to support all of these different facets, during the time of day that your body most needs them.

The 8zone Triangle consists of the Red Zone (morning), White Zone (afternoon), and Blue Zone (night). Each zone works in tandem to promote complete health and wellbeing. The 8zone system keeps all of its vital ingredients in your body 24 hours per day, during the zones in which your body best utilizes them.

8 Zone is a diet and nutrition supplement that is taken three times throughout the day.

Here is a look at each of three different zoning supplements in more depth:

Red Zone delivers a potent and broad range of synergistic nutrients to supplement the diets of many active and busy people. Furthermore, these nutrients may support focus, stable energy, strength & clarity, intensity & weight loss when used together with diet and exercise.

White Zone delivers a spectrum of high-antioxidant fruit extracts. This helps replenish missing antioxidants from your diet, providing you with a sense of revitalization, and protection against free radicals and oxidative stress that might otherwise speed up the aging process.

Blue Zone provides a spectrum of natural aids that help support healthy sleep cycles. Blue Zone also contains L-glutamine to support detoxification and muscle repair, as well as vegetable concentrates and extracts to provide additional protection against free radicals and oxidative stress.

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  • Created by a well-known and respected Olympic athlete
  • May encourage better food choices
  • May encourage getting in more exercise
  • Supplements contain nutrient-rich ingredients
  • Some ingredients in supplements are likely to cause side effects like bitter orange which is an alternative to ephedra
  • Does not come with an accompanying diet or exercise plan
  • Not a long-term solution to weight loss
  • Ohno's appeal to younger-aged audience and the product's easy online access may cause 8 Zone to land into the hands of curious youngsters

Each of the three supplements contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbal, vegetable and fruit extracts.

In addition, the Red Zone contains Rhodiola Rosea extract, Panax Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, and Maca Root and Bitter Orange Fruit Extract.

The White Zone contains Maqui Berry Blend; a unique combination of maqui berry and açai berry, GT3X® Green Tea Extract, CranLife™ Cranberry Extract, BerryVin™ Blend, and PhtyoTropic™ Extract, containing Noni, Açai, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, and Quebracho. White Zone also contains Super Vegetable Complex, derived from broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, radish, carrots, beets, tomato, celery, onion, leeks, and yellow peppers.

The Blue Zone contains Valerian Root, Passion Flower, and Hops Flower ,Q-Vida® Quebracho Extract and Cruciferol™ 100 and L-Glutamine.


8zone is taken three times a day at the beginning of each eight-hour zone. You take two capsules first thing in the morning for the Red Zone, two capsules after work for the White Zone and two more capsules an hour before bed for the Blue Zone.


There is no formal diet or exercise plan that accompanies the 8zone program.


Anytime a high-profile athlete endorses or creates his or her own health product, it's a surefire deal that sales will soar as those intent on improving their health want to "be just like Mike."

The 8zone line of supplements created by Apolo Anton Ohno is obviously a thoughtfully-designed health product with a strong base in nutrition science. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, trace nutrients, herbal, fruit and vegetable extracts and its special dosage design is expertly timed to compliment your body's ability to lose weight, build muscle and thrive throughout the day.

But the product does contain some red flags. For instance, its Red Zone pill contains bitter orange extract and the entire program lacks a diet and exercise plan.

So if you're interested in taking this product, you should definitely get clearance from your doctor first and keep in mind that some of the ingredients may cause side effects.

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