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Anne Collins

Anne Collins

Nutritionist brings more than two decades of experience to the dinner table.

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A low-carb diet that claims there are "no gimmicks," "no false promises" and plenty of "personal support," the Anne Collins Diet says it offers one of the easiest ways to lose weight. For a quarter-century, Anne Collins has provided weight-loss advice to 250,000 people around the world. She's been a certified nutritionist since the early '80s and has worked as a diet consultant, nutritionist and has contributed to newspapers and magazines.

Anne doesn't hide the fact that her program doesn't offer anything new, unprecedented or revolutionary. She even says that everything you find in her diet can be found in others. She says it's motivation and keeping you from going hungry that are the keys to success on the Anne Collins Diet. There aren't any foods that are off-limits. Anne says that sometimes we all need to indulge in the things we truly enjoy.

To ensure that there is a plan that works for everyone, Anne Collins presents nine different diet plans approved by doctors:

  • Vegetarian Diet for Life
  • Vegetarian Quick-Start DIet
  • Diet for Life
  • No-Nonsense Balanced Diet
  • Cholesterol Lowering Diet
  • A Healthy Low-Carb Diet
  • Low Glycemic Index Diet
  • 10-Minute Meals Diet
  • 14-Day Low Calorie Booster Diet

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  • 100-percent guarantee for permanent weight loss
  • No drugs, pills or expensive foods
  • Very affordable

Comes with an extensive library of member tools and benefits, including:
- BMI calculator
- Calorie calculator
- 50 weight loss tips
- 20 dieting tips
- Dieting with various health problems
- Guide to eating out
- Several exercise routines
- Community forum
- Variations available for some international locations

  • Website layout is busy and cluttered
  • Allows fast food
  • No personalization
  • Unclear exercise advice

Caloric intake, good and bad foods, recipes, meal plans and snacks will all vary according to which of the nine Anne Collins Diets you choose.

While most meal plans are balanced and nutritious, many meal suggestions include popular fast-food like McDonald's and Pizza Hut.

Some meal examples include:

  • Low GI Diet Lunch
    Grilled Ham & Swiss on Rye with fruit
  • Cholesterol Lowering Diet Dinner
    Stir-fried Chicken Breast with Vegetables and Rice
  • 10-Minute Meals Diet Lunch
    Curried Chicken Pita & Salad
  • Diet For Life Diet Breakfast
    Scrambled egg with toast, fresh fruit and yogurt

Anne Collins Diet provides conflicting information about exercise. As a member, you'll receive exercise advice. It is likely this is high-level information that is not customized. However, the member benefits state that you'll receive tips on how not to exercise and suggest that even for obese individuals they will see results with or without exercise.


There is a lot about the Anne Collins Diet that is unclear. The website is not user-friendly, making it difficult for people shopping a new diet to find information they need. There is not one specific Anne Collins Diet. Members are allowed to select from nine choices for an option that best suits them. However, there are not any profile tools to help identify the best-suited plan for members. At a price point of only $20/year, the program is affordable and claims to offer its members a broad range of tools, hanging its hat on motivation.

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replique anneau bulgari

I'm really impressed along with your writing skills and also with the format to your blog.
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posted Jan 2nd, 2018 9:50 pm



one of the most scientifically, physiologically correct options - no nonsense diet advice - I know, becz I am a MD

posted Mar 12th, 2015 12:01 am



You can choose what diet you would like to do and if you do not like the food or diet you are on you can always choose a different plan. The site is great as a member and there is lots of support! This is not a fad diet..it is a life change that teaches you how to eat right and reach your goal, and stay there. It is hard work but worth it...and $20 a year...you can see that Anne is not in this for the money!

posted Jan 25th, 2010 3:33 am



I have to disagree with your comment that there is no personalisation of diets, nothing could be farther from the truth!! Anne personally helps us to adjust our diets through the forum or by email if we need it. I have never had such wonderful support in all my years of trying to lose weight. Any questions I have are answered and the advice i get is very personalised. At last I am over crash diets and I am losing a steady 2 lbs a week, not bingeing, not hungry and my health results are improving all the time.
If you are sick and tired of buying overpriced diets and memberships ( I've done them all!) and ready to lose weight permanently eating normal foods, (nothing is forbidden) then this is a great program.

posted Dec 9th, 2009 4:15 pm


did you guys really tried this diet or are you just posting things?

posted Apr 13th, 2009 10:50 pm



it is the best one yet for me! i need the encouragement it gives and have met many who are trying to lose weight...to date i have lost approx 36 pounds in 8 months!

posted Feb 16th, 2009 11:21 am



The diet is amazing so far i have lost 80 punds and it keeps falling off.

posted Nov 22nd, 2008 1:03 pm


great diet, lost 60 pounds

posted Jul 28th, 2008 9:11 am


please tell us which one you tired and how did you stop feeling hungry? Being hungry is my biggest downfall. All of the diets I've seen/tried have left me starving. Of course you will lose weight if you only eat one slice of ham and one slice of brown bread for lunch! But you will be STARVING afterwards!

posted May 24th, 2008 9:20 pm


Ladies...what diet did you try?


this is amazing! I lost 12 lbs the first month on her program. you've got to check it out!!!!!!!!




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