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A handy weight loss device with a pedometer and calorie counter in one.

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BioTrainer is a new weight loss tool that offers scientifically-proven technology to help you lose weight. BioTrainer is a compact device that clips to your clothing and accurately monitors and records your daily activity. No matter what it is you're doing during the day, BioTrainer will capture the calories burned, amount of time spent moving and weight gained or lost every single day.

Part of its mission is to serve as a constant reminder to spend more time exercising, parking farther away from the door, taking the stairs or even doing chores you wouldn't ordinarily do. It can be that extra motivator you've been needing to increase your activity and burn more calories. It is endorsed by fitness and weight loss guru, Denise Austin.

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-Biotrainer can motivate you to move more -Small and compact -Fairly accurate -Features an online food journal which studies show is an effective tool in weight loss


-May not be a long-term solution to staying active


When you purchase the BioTrainer, you also receive access to the BioTrainer Nutritional Program which is an online food diary. You log in what you ate and how much you ate and the program gives you an analysis of how many calories you consumed in addition to fat, carbohydrate and protein grams. It also features a system that monitors the levels of vitamins and minerals you are consuming and measures this against what you should be consuming. You compare the amount of calories you are consuming to the amount you are expending via your BioTrainer device. This helps you create a customized and accurate understanding of you can meet your weight loss goals.


The BioTrainer does not provide a specific exercise program to follow but it does contain the BioTrainer Monitoring System. This online program gives you the tools you need to track your weight loss progress. By entering your weight and level of caloric need upon registration, you can see your fitness progress and assess your objectives and goals. Each day the caloric information is inputted and is then tracked by a graph, which details daily results and automatically calculates whether you’re gaining or losing weight. By monitoring your weight loss progress you’re able to focus on your objective and stay motivated.


The BioTrainer is a small device that gets clipped to your clothing and tracks your activity level throughout the day. The device also includes an online monitoring system and nutrition program that calculates how many calories you are burning and how many calories you are consuming. By having the constant awareness of your activity level being monitored, you are supposed to have more motivation to increase how much you exercise and move. Studies show that having constant feedback which holds you accountable to your actions, makes you more inclined to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

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where can i get a manual for it.

posted Aug 24th, 2013 12:14 am


I owned the earlier version of this, the BioTrainer II and I used it religiously. It worked better than this newer flashier version but it had its problems as well. The idea of being able to see how much activity I had during the day is really useful for me. I check the device during the day and if I see my activity is low. I get up and move around. I have an extremely sedentary computer job so it is easy for me to forget to move during the day. I generally workout 30-45 minutes every morning and walk to and from work (35 minutes each way) but still that 9 hours in between is mostly inactive.

So, the new BioTrainer is large and clunky. Like the earlier version, the buttons are somewhat difficult to use. They seem to skimp on the number of buttons by making them all multi-functional. My device resets itself around 11pm (not midnight as the user manual states), so some of today's activity/calories will report tomorrow. The buttons don't always work. Sometimes you have to press them over and over again to get the display to change to what you want to see. This device, compared to the earlier one, is no where near as sensitive. Sometimes I take the thing and move it vigorously and it registers no activity at all. The BioTrainer II always reported motion. The newer device is clunky and way too big. It is so obvious sticking off your belt. I prefer the earlier model which was dark gray and rectangular. OK, so I've been making all these complaints about the new one. Why didn't I just stick with the old one? Well, both have the same flaw. They are not designed to attach securely to one's belt. The earlier version had a very lame clasp that, after a time, just broke off. Even before it broke off, the thing would frequently fly off my belt while I was truckin' my way home. Not only did it frequently hit the pavement but the battery would fly out and I would lose not only today�??s results but all the results for all the days recorded. So, I was inventive and filed off the remnants of the broken clasp and attached a piece of heavy duty sticky back Velcro to the back of the device. Then I created a small sleeve of Velcro to slide over my belt. That is how I eventually kept the thing attached.

The first day I had the NEW BioTrainer what happens? It unclips from my belt and flies off onto the floor. Fortunately, it hit a rug and was not damaged. But as a precaution, I added a similar piece of stick on heavy duty Velcro to the inside back of the clip-on part. Doesn�??t affect the operation of the device but does allow me to use my Velcro sleeve or just attach it to gym short, where the Velcro grabs the fabric and keeps the device in place.

One last thing. In the above review, it is stated that a purchaser gets a free months monitoring online. But I bought my device thru FootSmart.com and no such offer came with my device. Better to buy directly from BioTrainer, I guess, as the price is $10 cheaper and you get the online part as well.

posted Jan 31st, 2010 8:57 am



The BioTrainer is useless. IF you can keep it attached (it keeps falling off the waistband) it only works if you are doing hard aerobics. Won't work if you're weight training, yoga, and won't work for biking because your torso doesn't move DO NOT waste your money

posted Mar 4th, 2009 7:22 pm



this doesn't seem like it would be that beneficial - it probably doesn't work that well. I say its collecting dust within weeks.

posted Oct 5th, 2008 9:52 pm


Like Amy, I found customer service at biotrainer dot com to be non-existent. Do yourself a favor, write this one off as a loss and go buy the one they use on Biggest Loser.

posted Apr 17th, 2008 7:08 am


I have been trying to contact their customer service for 2 weeks. No one will return my phone calls or emails. Anyone know how to get an activation number for their website? My Bio Trainer suddenly started doing its daily reset at noon instead of midnight. ARGH!

posted Mar 4th, 2008 12:07 pm


I ordered this back on December 25 2007. Have yet to receive the product and NO ONE will get back with me. The worst customer service I've ever experienced. BEWARE!


when ever i was on biggest loser i lost alot of weight


I have been looking 4 sumthin like this 4ever. I ordrd it 2nite and can't wait till it arrivs!


my best friend has one of these and it's really helped her maintain her weight loss


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