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Bistro MD

NEW Bistro MD Diet Review 2023 [MUST READ]: Does it Really Work?

Doctor-designed gourmet meals delivered to your door.

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What is it?

Bistro MD is a weight loss diet offering readymade meals prepared by chefs and formulated under strict macronutrient ratios. Different programs for offered that can deliver a full day of meals direct to your home.

There’s also support from dieticians where one can learn about meal planning and any other solutions related to nutrition and weight loss. This can be done in person, over the phone, or on Skype. There’s also both a men’s and women’s program available, with each one catered to specific gender demands for calories. Bistro MD was highly rated for its ease of use and quality of meals. Many users have said it was a practical solution for weight loss that simplified what can be difficult meal be planning. For a discounted price on Bistro MD, visit the link provided here.

Bistro MD Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

The official website confirms that the following are not used:

         • Aspartame in any entrees.

         • Freeze dried foods.

         • MSG.

         • Trans fats.

         • Shelf stable ingredients, which usually means preservatives.

This is especially important when one is looking to lose weight, as these kinds of ingredients can cause unwanted side effects. They’re also cheap in price and only used to help give an artificial boost which is not often needed.


There are 7 and 5 day programs which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s optional whether or not one wants to add snacks. Over 200 entrees are offered for men and 150 for women, and one can make their preferred selections online. The kinds of dishes offered include:

         • Chicken with mushroom crepe.

         • Strawberry cheesecake

         • Beef steak and ale stew

         • Spinach and Feta stuffed chicken.

            • Broccoli cheddar stuffed chicken breast.

For women meals typically average 1200 calories, though this can be customized depending on a person’s demands. There’s also gluten-free, diabetic, standard, and menopause meal plans offered with 150 different entrées at no extra cost.

The macronutrient structure the diet follows is to have meals with 40-50 % protein, 30-35% carbohydrates, and 20-25% fat. This is meant to provide long lasting weight loss results, reduce any cravings for starches and sweets, regulate blood sugar, and improve blood pressure and cholesterol. It also adds:

“BistroMD is the only diet delivery program proven to treat Metabolic Dysfunction”

Therefore it’s intended to help people who may suffer from metabolism related issues which can make weight loss extremely difficult. This simplifies the need to have to seek additional counseling and support.

For more about the weight loss benefits made possible via the use of Bistro MD, follow the link cited.

The offered program material for what is available is as follows:

• Weight loss tips: There are webinars hosted by the experts of the diet. This includes support from the founding physician of this diet. Newsletters are also offered and weekly emails.

• Health information: The newest tips and trends on health are offered. Studies and reports are also provided for support weight loss. There are also tips for motivation and lifestyle suggestions.

• Fitness tips: Online help is offered to help track and plan workouts. Newest insights into fitness trends for weight loss are offered. Information on how to avoid injuries and how to maintain active is also listed.

The intended benefit of all this is well-rounded support to help ensure real weight loss results. So it’s not only just meals which can sometimes be too simple and inefficient, but you get lifestyle support to help boost weight loss.

The link provided has an opportunity to get Bistro MD at a reduced price.

Also included are specific kinds of meals such as:

            • Diabetic meals: To help those struggling with high blood sugar.

            • Gluten-free meals: For people who have celiac disease or who want to avoid gluten.

            • Meals for those with menopause.

            • Standard meals.

Bistro MDDiet Quality of Ingredients

The foods offered do emphasize not using shelf stable ingredients, MSG, freeze drying, aspartame on entrees, and trans fats.

The diet also provides high protein, small amounts of fat and moderate carbohydrates. This is a standard diet for weight loss, since higher protein can lead to appetite suppression and carbohydrates provide quick energy. This balance of macronutrients is important as the body needs a balanced mixture of these ingredients to help ensure you’re not deficient.

The diet also mentions:

“Unlike fat diets and other gimmicks that promise you extreme results with little effort, our healthy meal plans for weight loss are based on the science and research of our founding weight loss physician”

So this makes it easier for potential users to know they are using not just a low calorie plan, but a diet solution which is supported by real evidence. Fad diets can sometimes cause one to balloon back up in weight once it’s over; Bistro MD is strictly intended for lasting weight loss results. Get Bistro MD for a reduced price when you click this link.

The Price and Quality of Bistro MD Diet

The price depends on the plan selected, either a 5 or 7 day for men and women. The prices are as follows:

         • 7 days (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners): $134.96

         • 5 days (5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners): $112.46

         • 7 days (7 lunches and 7 dinners): $112.46

         • 5 days (5 lunches and 5 dinners): $89.96

The daily cost for the first listed plan is $6.42 per meal, which is relatively inexpensive when you consider the amount of time it saves you.  The benefit of having prepped meals you don’t have to watch over the cooking process, having to have all the necessary ingredients beforehand, and having to go shopping.

You can also customize your meals as you’d like. Once you select your wanted plan, you can then select what you would like online or when you call in.

Bistro MD is offered at a reduced cost when you visit the link here.

Business of Bistro MD Diet

The listed contact information is as follows:

Address: 1575 Pine Bridge Rd Ste 21

Naples, Florida 34109

Email: [email protected]

Bistro MD was created by both Caroline Cederquist a medical doctor and her husband Ed Cederquist who helps find recipes around the world.

The company delivers to the US, Hawaii and Alaska. They have been around since 2005.  The physician who created it was a bariatric who worked at a weight loss clinic. She discovered that there were issues with people having to plan and cook their own meals, for many people this was too difficult and it made weight loss impossible. The creation of this plan was intended to help those who had busy schedules, and who weren’t all too certain on how to properly balance their own dietary demands.

The basis of the meals is described as:

“the right balance of macronutrients”

They also have an A rating on their Better Business Bureau page which can help determine overall customer satisfaction.  The company has responded to inquiries and concerns on this webpage as well, ensuring they are willing to respond to users.

The link cited here offers a reduced price on the Bistro MD diet plan.

Customer Opinions of Bistro MD Diet

Here are some reviews from users:

“greatly satisfied with the high quality of the foods and the customer service representatives”

“truly great meals that makes it easy to just focus on enjoying their meals”

“my energy levels shot up and I dropped 2 sizes, the weight loss was definite”

“offers a great variety to keep my taste buds satisfied, which made it easy to diet.

There are also positive testimonials offered on their official website. They have people who lost 32 pounds, 25 pounds, 40 pounds, and upwards of 55 pounds. You can also view their stories online to read more about these users individual exercises, and how they benefited from this diet plan.

Once you click on each person’s story you get a breakdown of what they went through as well as a video per individual user. The main highlights include:

            • The ability to spend time doing other things.

            • Increased energy levels.

            • Improved overall health.

The stories are also from people of all ages, both men and women are included. They emphasize how they were able to keep the weight off, and how it taught them valuable lessons on how to properly meal plan and select food portions. So for many this was a lasting plan that taught better habits. Click this link to get a special discounted rate on Bistro MD.

Conclusion - Does Bistro MD Diet  Work?

Bistro MD has prepared meals that they ship to people which are mostly high protein, low fat and have moderate levels of carbohydrates. The meals are lower in calories, and the basic plan is for maintaining stable weight loss. This is a common approach, though the foods provided are meant to great taste and made with wholesome ingredients. This makes it easier to enjoy one’s life instead of having to weight out and scale each individual food plate. The company also provides many testimonials from customers who were greatly satisfied to use this plan.

Bistro MD offers its users a comprehensive solution which can make the weight loss process easier. Judging from the amount of positive testimonials and reviews it’s clear that there was real progress and sustained weight loss. The main benefit provided is that each meal is specially crafted to contain a balanced blend of important macronutrients. So it’s not only a low calorie meal, but also one rich in vitamins and minerals. Get a special discount on Bistro MD when you click on the link here.

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User Feedback

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I have only been on the Bistro MD program for a few days, but the food tastes very good and the portions are plentiful. I haven't found myself getting hungry between the meals.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 4:41 pm

Stacy K


I love the simplicity of this program and the food is great. I also like that I can choose to delete certain foods from my deliveries. I know the price is an issue for many (myself included), but I was not living the life I wanted with this extra weight holding me back. I would recommend this program.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 4:39 pm



I think this is one of the best diet meal plans around....and I have tried many!! I like the fact the the meals are fresh/frozen as opposed to vaccuum packed, like some. Sure...that leaves out salads and fruit...but no diet is 100% perfect. I add those myself. It is very convenient and I have my food delivered right to me at work. I have never been dissapointed in the quality and it even gave me a few opportunities to try some food I never would have on my own....and found that I like it. It is a touch expensive, but the convenience outweighs (no pun intended...) the price. If you can swing it with the cost....it's the best plan around. I reccommend it to everyone.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 4:24 pm



After several years of medical problems and gaining weight from that, no exercise and the onset of menopause, I was beside myself. I've tried everything in the past, including other meal delivery services that were awful. BistroMD has taught me portion control, how to be satisfied with REAL food, not processed junk and allowed me to focus on other things rather than planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Yes, it is expensive but right now I am paying for the convenience and to help me lose this weight. If you eat the food and don't eat other things, move more than you had been before, you WILL lose weight. As long as I am true to the program I am losing a good 5-6 pounds a month. Yes, very slow, but that is the kind of weight loss that will stick. I recognize that with the cost this program is not for everyone, but if you can afford to do it, it will pay off in the end. If it is too costly to do continuously they will let you stop and start and it is a very good way to learn how much food you need to satisfy hunger and then go from there.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:56 pm



I'm only on my first week but so far am very impressed with the quality of the food and I'm really not hungry much at all between meals. I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks brings.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:52 pm


I noticed a difference in my energy levels within just a few weeks of being on BistroMD. I used to fight my way through tiredness every afternoon, and within three weeks on BistroMD I noticed I didn't do that anymore. This meal plan has helped me tremendously to understand better my own body, my metabolism, and how I respond to certain foods. I also find the convenience very helpful and consider the time that I don't have to meal plan, grocery shop, and cook as part of what I'm paying for. I have found that some of BistroMD's "meal plans" do not feel all that planned out (like when I have chicken meals three times in one day), and I agree with one of the other commenters that there is not as much variety as is advertised, but that's also gotten better in the last few months. I haven't lost a ton of weight (pun not intended), but my clothes definitely fit differently and I feel a lot better. I will probably stick with it for a while longer and then decide where to go from there. Overall, I'm grateful to have found it and been on it for the last 9 months, and I think it was worth doing for me.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:46 pm



I love Bistro MD! It helped me lose the weight I needed to while providing me with the ease of not worrying what to cook for breakfast and lunch while working. Their plans are flexible - I am currently on the 5 day, breakfast and lunch only. I cook dinner and have learned portion control!

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:43 pm

Susan Jeffreys


The portion sizes are great, the food is delicious and I am eating vegetables I never ate before. My hiusband and I both eat Bistro MD more as a lifestyle choice than a diet. We travel alot and don't cook much so it suits us perfectly.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:40 pm

Elizabeth Stevens


Some more interesting vegetables could go with meals.
Meat meals are very grizzly with fat or so over cooked they are not tasty at all.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:36 pm

Brian giuliano


Very good taste and great customer service!

posted Aug 5th, 2013 3:34 pm

Susan Haenicke


I love eating, but hate cooking, so a "full service" diet is ideal for me. BistroMD is more expensive than other similar services, but unlike any other that I have tried, it does not require you to supplement all fruit, vegetables, dairy and other things, so the overall cost is not really higher than others. And the quality of the food is way above any other service I have tried. Another thing I want to bring up is their customer service. I have chatted with them several times about delivery questions and to skip a week while I was out of town, and have never been treated like an inconvenience or given the 3rd degree or pressured in any way, which had been my experience with other services. So, from my perspective, it's 2 thumbs up for BistroMD.

posted Aug 5th, 2013 2:19 pm

marvin weingarten


My wife and I have both been on the diet and all in all like it. The food is generally good and I'm never really hungry. It has been effective for me in losing weight without too much effort, less so for my wife. But it is expensive and after a while the meals become repetitive. For example, sometimes you get salmon for lunch and dinner several days in one week or every breakfast is an omelet all week. Overall, though, its good and effective

posted Aug 4th, 2013 2:06 pm



You do a great job! Most of the meals are great... and your customer service is excellent. I once had problems with the shipping dept., but that was resolved quite well. Keep up the good work!

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 10:24 pm

Richard Peck


I have been on the program for approximately two months and couldn't be happier. The Bistromd system has helped me limit my portion size and establish healthier eating habits. I'm already down 20 POUNDS! And the food tastes GREAT!

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 7:11 am

Margaret Barron


I have tried Diets to Go, and found that their ingredients were full of sodium. I am a diabetic with high pressure, but since I have been on this diet, at least 8 weeks, my numbers are getting back to where they should be. I don't cook so this is the perfect solution. I agree, that it seems like they send the same meals but when you think of the alternative (frozen meals from the supermarket) you are much better off with this plan.

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 4:11 am



I chose Bistro MD not so much for a weight loss plan but as a way to eat healthier meals and since I am single and don't really like to cook, this seemed like a good solution.

For the most part I like the food. Yes it is a lot of chicken....but I like chicken. The breakfasts are good as well. I wish it was a little cheaper, but overall I have been satisfied.

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 3:56 am



I was honestly surprised by how the good the meals have been so far. Not only delicious, but the portion sizes are great too. I'm never left feeling hungry after eating one of their meals. Plus, I lost 4 pounds in the first week! I am not a huge chicken fan and most of the meals seem to be chicken, but they are so delicious, I haven't minded much. I also love how there are no fillers, just real meats and veggies. I plan to use the program for as long as I can!

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 3:33 am


I will be going into my 4th day of meals...They are so good! The meals are more than I can eat and very satisfying. This is an excellent choice for me to start my weight loss.

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 1:52 am

Andrew Belsky


The Bistro MD diet plan has changed my life. Over the past 10 years following my college athletic career my weight slowly but surely got away from me to the point that I was approximately 120lbs more than my playing weight. I knew that I had to do something but didn't know where to begin. A friend suggested I try some sort of diet plan and following intensive research online I chose Bistro MD. I couldn't have made a better choice. In just less than 7 months I'm down over 90lbs and I owe it all to this diet. The selection of foods is incredible as are the results. I'm very rarely hungry and thoroughly enjoy nearly every meal. I still have about 45lbs to go to reach my goal but at this point I have no doubt I'll get there. As I said this plan has changed my life and in fact it has given me a life back!

posted Aug 3rd, 2013 1:35 am

Nancy Beletti


Lost 10 lbs in one month. Food is tasty too!

posted Aug 2nd, 2013 10:08 pm


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QUICK FACTSQUICK FACTS Start the Diet Now Advertisement
  • Established: 2005
  • Founder: Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist
  • Headquarters: Naples, Florida
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Diet Type: Low-calorie, Meal Delivery
  • Gender: Male and Female

Do You Know the Best Diet Pills of 2023?


If you're looking for a personal chef, a weight loss physician and a way to add convenience to your life, then Bistro M.D.'s meal delivery diet could be what you're looking for. Created by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, Bistro M.D. offers a healthy weight loss plan that delivers nutritious prepared meals to your home. All the work is done, you just have to heat and enjoy.

Dr. Cederquist combines her experience with an expert team of chefs and dietitians to create a delicious variety of well-balanced meals. Bistro M.D. is even endorsed by Dr. Phil, calling it "The best diet delivery available."

In an effort to help you avoid those common dieting plateaus, Bistro M.D. will change your caloric consumption daily, from 1,100 to 1,400. This prevents your body from becoming used to, and expecting, the same amount of calories everyday. Bistro MD works to save your lean muscle mass by providing a combination of lean proteins and Low Glycemic carbs (which are responsible for those blood sugar spikes).

When you sign up for Bistro M.D., you'll have full access to expert dietitians, as well as receive weekly updates with valuable information highlighting exercise, losing weight and nutrition. More importantly, you'll receive a weekly shipment of fresh-frozen meals from your choice of four different plans. You can choose from seven or five day plans and whether or not you'd like snacks. Your menus will rotate each week so that you don’t get bored with the foods you’re eating. Each dish is specifically designed to give your body the proper amount of protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. You are able to cancel the program at anytime and receive complete guidance for healthy weight loss. The four different options for the plans that you can order include:

Bistro M.D. is the current provider for The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan, and the former provider of the Biggest Loser Meal Plan.


Bistro MD on Vimeo

Bistro MD YouTube Channel

Dr. Phil Features Bistro MD

  • Healthy meals that are delicious and satisfying
  • Very little work on your part- just heat and eat
  • Balanced nutrition and calories
  • Low glycemic foods ideal for diabetics
  • Expert staff of dietitians and chefs
  • Broad variety of food
  • Dr. Phil calls it "the best meal delivery program"
  • Each package displays ingredients and nutrition facts
  • Pricing may be steep for some
  • Menus pre-made, do not get to make personal selections
  • Calorie intake is slightly low
  • Not ideal for families
  • Does not provide exercise or fitness program
  • Sodium and fat both run high in these meals

A sampling of feedback and experiences shared by our community.

Loved being on this diet. After the birth of my daughter, I had 60 pounds to lose, and after being on this for three months, I lost 30 pounds, giving me a great "Jump start". What kept me from continuing was two fold: The cost after this long, was getting too much. Later, my daughter was eating "real" food, so no longer was I just able to feed her out of a baby food jar while I had my delicous prepared meal. Now, four years later, I'm temped to start up again - it's only the idea of me eating one meal, while preparing and feeding a young child another. - Tamara 7/12/11

I’m a little surprised at all the wonderful reviews this diet receives here. The food is not bad. I actually liked it (I bought some spices to add to it to make it a little more flavorful though). But frankly, I really started to wonder if the calorie counts on the food were accurate. I was NEVER even the tiniest bit hungry between meals, which may sound like a good thing, but I know from previous experience that this usually means I am not losing any weight. And low and behold, I lost ONE POUND in six weeks. - Libby 12/8/10

I am not giving a thumbs up or thumbs down because there are pros and cons to these meals. First off, some are very flavorful- especially the beef meals such as brocolli with beef and beef stir-fry, the shrimp pasta primavera, the grilled chicken dishes as well as some of the snacks. Sadly this meal plan does not include any desserts- like nutrasystem. Some of the meals were ok and a few were just terrible- two of the turkey based meals were almost inedible- making me wonder if my 90 year old grandmother had been brought in to over roast the turkey. Much of the problem with the meals is that while they are more fresh tasting than say nutrasystem, they need to improve their packaging technology. - Karen 7/1/10

I was getting the food for a few months, it was very good and always on time, so easy to pop something in the microwave and have a delicious gourmet meal. But the variety as advertised isn't there - after a while I couldn't look at a piece of chicken. They would change the food when requested, but then it would revert to chicken. I lost a few pounds, but nothing dramatic. The biggest problem I had was the cost and I didn't have the meal plan with snacks. It is quite expensive. Did I spend money on food while I was on this plan, no, but I never spent $600 a month on food either. It's great food, counts the calories for you, but in my case just too expensive to continue. - Betty 10/21/09


With Bistro MD you don't have to sacrifice variety or taste. The convenience of this meal delivery diet allows you to eat chef prepared meals while also losing weight. All of the meals are nutritionally complete and carefully designed to meet Dr. Cederquist’s guidelines. The meals that you receive will include your protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats, like the Norwegian Salmon with Wild Rice and Sauteed Spinach.

Each meal is represented by a photo and a description so that you can decide exactly what you want prior to ordering. While on this program, you can also receive support from a dietitian for free to help you reach your weight loss goals.

The Bistro MD program is heavily focused on the food you eat and offers you automatic portion control with the delivery of prepackaged, frozen meals. Each day you will eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack. If you choose a program that doesn’t include snacks, then you will have to provide your own. A sample day of eating on Bistro MD with snacks is reflected below:

  • Breakfast – Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes with Low-Fat Turkey Sausage
  • Lunch – Pulled Pork Sandwich with Baked Beans and Corn
  • Dinner – Roasted Turkey Breast with Gravy
  • Snack – Mini Chocolate Cheesecake

Ingredients for Bistro MD meals tend to be wholesome, without the use of artificial dyes, flavors, or other chemical additives. You'll generally recognize the ingredients named on the label, and appreciate things like whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat flour, seaweed in the vegetarian burrito, and cane syrup for sweetener.

Sodium is moderate but can run higher than the recommended 600 milligrams or less per meal. Calories for meals are in line with frozen meal recommendations not to exceed 450 calories. Fat is extremely high for these meals, exceeding the recommended 3.5 grams or less per meal.

BistroMD has also teamed up with The 17 Day Diet to bring you the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan. If you are interested in trying the 17 Day Diet, you can have the convenience of having your meals delivered while following the three-phased weight loss program.


Bistro MD doesn’t have a specific exercise plan or guidelines for how much you should exercise. As an aside, Dr. Cederquist gives some education on exercise. The program does encourage exercise as a facet of living a healthy lifestyle. You are encouraged to exercise along with your Bistro MD eating plan to have success in weight loss. There are several articles available on the Bistro MD web site that offer facts about exercise, provide details on incorporating exercise with your diet and give information on how to make exercise a habit. The variety of articles available on exercise offers you a chance to incorporate whichever types of exercise you like into your routine. Some of the article topics available include:

  • Motivators to Achieve the Best Morning Workout
  • How to Bust Through a Fitness Plateau
  • Make Exercise A Habit and Get Fit!
  • Get a Celebrity Workout Without Paying Thousands of Dollars

There are also some recommendations of the types of exercises you can do to burn calories and get a workout in. Some of the suggestions include:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Boot Camp
  • Fitness with Pets
  • Walking

In this fast-paced world, preparing healthful, delicious meals at home is just one chore few people have time to put on the list. Bistro M.D.'s Diet to your Door takes care of it for you. By providing a broad menu, designed by a doctor, with tasty, nutrient-rich and satisfying meals, preparing them for you and delivering to your doorstep, it's easier than ever to manage your weight loss. Bistro M.D. is most ideal for individuals or even couples; but the expense and menu do not make it a realistic plan for families. Rest assured that a dedicated team of chefs, dietitians and Dr. Cederquist are putting your health needs first, as well as your desire for variety.


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