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Burn the Fat

Burn the Fat

Tom Venuto teaches you how to eat to gain lean muscle mass.

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Do you wonder how bodybuilders get those perfect physiques? Veteran bodybuilder Tom Venuto wants to share his secrets. Venuto offers a free 12-part mini course on what he claims are the "12 biggest scams, lies, myths, cover-ups and deceptions in the diet industry."

Like many weight loss programs, the Burn The Fat website markets the plan like it's groundbreaking secret information that you've never heard about before. "You're about to discover what might be the most powerful fat loss system ever developed." And while it may not be completely new, that is not to say it's not powerful and true.

Venuto is a proponent of natural bodybuilding. This, of course, means no steroids. It also means that he has a negative view on supplements, saying that 97 percent of them are a waste of time.

Venuto's e-book, Burn The Fat, covers all kinds of useful information, including the important aspects of reading nutrition labels, foods to avoid at all cost, foods to eat on a frequent basis, and how to boost your metabolism and energy. He outlines many of the major points on the Burn The Fat website.

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  • There's a face to the plan, and it's someone who is very successful
  • Tom Venuto is educated in fitness field
  • Burn The Fat offers plenty of testimonials on its website
  • Natural approach to building muscle
  • Web site isn't an easy read or well organized

You are given the top 12 best and worst foods to eat. You are also given nutritional advice on what foods will help with fitness performance, and what foods will never be stored as fat.


Tom Venuto has a BS degree in exercise science. So you can imagine that proper exercise is an integral part of the Burn The Fat book. In the book's preview, he reveals how knowing which foods to eat can increase your fitness returns.


There is very little to complain about with Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat program. He has credentials galore, and testimonials to back up his plan. His website is a bit tough to handle, only because there is so much information on the homepage that you feel a bit overwhelmed. Considering the price of the book, you are getting a ton of insight from someone who has walked the walk, talked the talk, and has the lean body mass to prove it.

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I used this diet twice to lose weight after my 2 children and both times it worked very well. And there is no yo-yo effect - I didn't gain any weight until I got pregnant again.
The best part of it is that it really teaches you what, when and how to eat and after a while you become very aware of your eating habits. The hardest part is that it's very time consuming, especially in the beginning - I still spend about 40 minutes a day planning and then packing my whole day's worth of food for the next day.
Once you are done losing weight you still eat the same way - just more calories.

posted Mar 31st, 2011 9:24 pm



I have lost weight and I am stronger with bigger muscles. At 58 years old I find this advice really amazing. I wish I had read this 45 years ago. i wasted a lot of time working out because I did not know what I was doing.

posted Apr 13th, 2010 1:05 am



I loved Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. Tom Venuto really reveals the secrets that bodybuilders use to get to 4% body fat and how to stay fit for life. I have created my own diet that adds the mental and psychological tactics to make dieting easier @ http://www.OptimistDiet.com

posted Dec 21st, 2009 11:48 am


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