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Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet

If you thought you were old-fashioned, try this 40,000-year-old diet.

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The Caveman Diet relies on a method that's roughly 40,000 years old - a healthy, simplistic approach to eating.

The Caveman Diet also goes by the name of The Paleolithic Diet or the Stone Age Diet.

The concept of the Caveman Diet is really quite simple: If it wasn't available to the cavemen, then you don't eat it. So out are grains, breads, flour, refined sugars, dairy, legumes, processed oils or anything that was cultivated or grown following the development of agriculture.

The premise behind the diet is that our bodies are genetically and evolutionary adapted to eating the foods of our Paleolithic ancestors and since human genetics have not changed since the time period, this is the kind of eating that humans are best suited for.

Foods allowed are on the Caveman Diet are all meats, including organ meats, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, roots and nuts.

The diet has been met with controversy from some health and nutrition experts who find fault with its evolutionary logic as well as its claimed benefits of the diet's special composition.

Proponents of the Caveman Diet believe that it is the large carbohydrate load largely coming from grains, flour and sugar, of the modern or post-agricultural industry that has contributed to the increased rates of obesity and weight-dependent health conditions.

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  • Diet is focused on whole, unprocessed and nutrient-rich foods
  • Will most likely result in weight loss
  • Gluten and casein free
  • Low in sodium
  • Eliminates entire groups of food
  • Strict nature may not be a viable long-term eating plan
  • Inclusion of organ meats may detract potential followers
  • May have a low satiety factor despite the diet's fat content
  • Has a high saturated fat content if lots of pork and red meat are consumed

The Caveman Diet removes carbs like bread and potatoes, beans, sugars and sodium and instead gives the green light to fish, chicken, meat, root veggies like parsnips and carrots, eggs and of course nuts and berries.

Ideally, you should consume 65 percent of your calories from animal sources and the remaining 35 percent from plant-based foods. Organic and additive-free meats are strongly encouraged as fillers and hormones are likely to change the nutrient content of the meats consumed.

Since the foods on the Caveman Diet are very nutrient-rich, you will easily fulfill your quotas for vitamins, minerals as well as fiber and protein.

A typical day on the Caveman Diet might look like this:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon. Lunch: Green salad topped with grilled chicken breast and slivered almonds. Dinner: Lamb chops seasoned with herbs and spices, and roasted asparagus and parsnips. Snacks: Berries, fruit, crudites, lean cold cuts, hard-boiled eggs, raw nuts, raw seeds and avocados.


Since the hunter and gatherers were always on the go, so is the modern person following the Caveman Diet. You should be as mobile as you can while following this diet. Walking as much as you can and doing any kind of physical activity is strongly encouraged.


Even though the Caveman Diet has labeled a fad diet by the National Health Service of England and the American Dietetic Association, it deserves credit for being incredibly nutrient-rich, unprocessed and clean. Plus, it's gluten-free and it encouragemes regular physical activity.

If you have the discipline to put your love of bread, ice cream and black beans aside, the Caveman Diet is sure to knock off pounds and may even boost your nutrition as long as you don't take the diet as a free pass to eat bacon, sausage and steak three meals a day.

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To Yankee: studies show people 40,000 years ago were extremely healthy and strong with great bone density, no obesity, etc. the first signs of obesity and low bone density came with agriculture. our bodies weren't (apparently) evolved for processed foods. modern people (in certain countries) are far from healthy in caveman terms, with the wonderful exception of certain cultures with great food habits.

posted Jun 29th, 2008 5:47 pm


I've been on the caveman diet for about 8 months now and have lost over 50 pounds, yeah it sounds like the atkins but its TONS better and healtier! I live on Fruits and Veggies! YUMMY!

posted Feb 26th, 2008 2:04 pm

Yankee in London

It is fascinating how much seems to be known about what the cave men (and women) of 40,000 years ago had to eat. Also very intriguing to think that we might want to model our diets on a people with no scientific knowledge of nutrition, and who just MIGHT have been less healthy than modern man - and not all down to the fact that sabre-toot tigers were picking them off whenever possible. But why go back to cave men? We could model our diets on primitive tribes in Africa or Indonesia - unless more direct knowledge of their diet deficiencies might ruin the romantic notion of the noble, well-nourished savage.


Hmm Cave man diet sounds like the first Atkins diet.lol If the Cave Man had a legal team he would have a great case!


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