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Brilliance Weight Loss

Brilliance Weight Loss

The path to health and wellness is at your fingertips.

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Brilliance Weight Loss is helping people to lose weight through articles, videos, and products that address diet but go beyond fad diets.

Brilliance Weight Loss website offers two diet plans to help you lose weight. The "Fat Free Fast System" and the "Eat Weight Off" plan, both of which are ebooks that guarantee you real weight loss in as little as two weeks. Both ebook diets are programs in which you cycle the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you eat so that your metabolism is using fat stores to use as fuel rather than through the glucose stores, which are filled by eating foods that are carb-rich.

Both of the ebooks come with bonus materials as well as a laid-out and organized plan for how you can go about losing weight.

The main Brilliance Weight Loss website also offers insights that you need in order to lose weight and keep it off permanently. The trendy low fat diet notions are swept away as you get down to “real talk” about learning what slender, fit people with single-digit body fat percentages do to lose weight if they have to and otherwise stay slender and fit.

For instance, you'll learn that there are three basic body types: The average type, the high-speed metabolism type, and the type that is more prone than average to putting on weight. This is important because you cannot just use some generic diet to keep unwanted pounds off permanently. You have to know your body type so that you can tailor your eating to it and make sure that you don’t eat in a way that would be unhealthy.

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  • Website provides helpful information for beginning a weight loss program
  • Idea of making small changes over time is an effective strategy for establishing long-term healthy eating habits
  • Carb-cycle diets will take weight off if followed closely
  • User may feel that they are being forced to buy one of the diet products
  • Website is simply a feeder site to purchase two diet ebooks
  • Diet will be difficult to follow in the long-term

The basic premise of the Brilliance Weight Loss diet is to get your eating and food choices under control.

Start out removing some of the high fat and empty calorie snacks and replacing them with foods that still taste good but are a little lower in calories. When you replace foods that you normally eat with just a few that are lower in calories, you begin to lose weight almost without trying.

For instance you may select raisins or an orange rather than the chocolate cupcake. You won't be able to give it all up overnight and no one is asking you to. Simply use some common sense replacements and don't try to starve yourself.

But for the two ebooks, The "Fat Free Fast System" and the "Eat Weight Off" plan, each book comes with its own diet and nutrition plan. Both plans are essentially carb-cycle plans, which require you alternate between low carb and higher carb days. This method manipulates your metabolism so that you're dipping into your fat stores to use as an energy.


On the basic Brilliance Weight Loss website, you are instructed to adopt the same strategy for eating as you are for exercising, namely to start out slow and gradually incorporate an exercise routine into your lifestyle.

While each of the ebooks lay out a specific exercise plan for you to follow, you can expect to exercise three to five days a week. On carb-down days, your exercise will be much more modest as your energy will likely be lower. On carb-up days, you'll spend a bit more time working out to kickstart metabolism and build lean muscle mass.


Brilliance Weight Loss believes in starting out slow, so that exercise and diet changes are gradually incorporated into your daily routine. Over time these small changes add up in pounds lost and you'll start to notice and feel the difference in your body.

While this is invaluable advice for anyone trying to lose weight, the main Brilliance Weight Loss website serves more as marketing tool to get you purchase one of the company's ebooks.

You may lose weight by following the carb-cycle approach to either ebooks, but you might be so put off by the sales-feel of the ebook advertisements that you may never summon the patience to press the "purchase" icon.

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